How Much Does It Cost To Go To Space

Almost every one of us has dreamt of going to space at one point in our lives. Science classes and movies have fueled our desires to go to space and thankfully, space tourism is already possible these days. Really, you do not need to be an astronaut to visit space and experience weightlessness and other enchanting stuff. Space tourism allows us to go to space as long as we have the money to pay for it. This article will cover the commonly-asked question about going to space—its actual cost.

Typical Cost Of Going To Space

The cost of going to space runs from $20M to $30M.

This price includes 7 to 15 days of space travel from a seat in a space shuttle, training, medical screening, and actual space exploration.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Going To Space

Type of space travel. Not all space travels are alike and the type of space travel you choose will determine prices. There is a cheaper alternative to the above-quoted space visit. It is the so-called suborbital flight costing around $200,000 for two and a half hours of space adventures.

Duration. The longer you wish to stay in space, the higher the cost of space travel will become. Say for example Dennis Tito, an American businessman who is the very first person to be a space tourist in 2001. The flight lasted eight days and he paid $20M. On the other hand, Richard Garriot who became a space tourist in 2008 paid around $30M for 12 days of space travel.

Space travel company. Your choice of company will also affect prices here. Two of the most popular space travel companies today are Virgin Galactic and XCOR Aerospace. Virgin Galactic seats are sold at $200,000 per person while the latter is charging $95,000 per person for a suborbital flight.

Additional Costs

A reservation fee is needed when you book a space flight with a company. For instance, to reserve a seat in Virgin Galactic, you need to pay a reservation fee of $20,000. Currently, there are more than 400 people in the company’s waitlist.

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Tips Before You Decide To Go To Space

Understand that there is a long list of people waiting for their time to go to space. Make a reservation as early as possible.

Make sure to deal only with a reliable and credible space travel company. The cost to go to space is too high so you do not want to be scammed here. Plus, a credible space travel company can assure you of a safe space flight.

Know whether the cost of space visit is worth it in your part or not. See to it that the money you will be spending here will be worth the satisfaction that you can get out of going to space.

Be prepared when going to space. Attend necessary trainings and give your full attention to them. Also, make sure you are medically-fit to go to space.

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