How Much Does It Cost To Build An Extension

Do you need to extend the living space of your home? Building an extension can be a good option. It can be adding a bedroom, a bathroom, or any other kind of room to your current house structure. Now the question is, how much does it cost to build an extension these days? Read this article and find out the figures.

Typical cost Of Building An Extension

The average price of building an extension is $130 per square foot.

This price includes construction work, average-grade materials, labor fees, and building permits.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Building An Extension

Size. The size of your home addition can greatly affect prices here. The bigger the new room will be, expect to pay more for the project.

Type. The kind of room you want to add can also determine prices. If you plan to add a new space in line with the home extension, expect the cost to go higher. This is as compared to converting a garage or basement into a livable space.

Function. You will definitely spend more for a bathroom addition as compared to bedroom addition. This is true because when you build a bathroom, you have to pay extra for plumbing and electrical works. On the other hand, adding porches or decks is usually the cheapest home extension project you can consider.

Contractor. Do-it-yourselfers usually spend less on building an extension as compared to those hiring a contractor. DIY projects save you from labor costs, obviously.

Quality. Your choice of materials for the extension project can also affect home addition costs. Buying low-grade materials for the project will mean lower home extension costs while using high-grade materials will mean the other way around.

Additional Costs

A home extension can basically increase your tax responsibilities as well as utility bills.

Architect fees may also be an added expense when building an extension.

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Tips Before You Decide To Build An Extension

Get some ideas or plans yourself for your home extension project. Then, approach an architect to help you get a detailed plan of all your ideas. Make sure you call an experienced architect to ensure that the project will be carried out correctly.

Apply for building permission. Building permit rules and regulations vary from one city to another so make sure you contact local building departments before you get the project started.

Get quotations from various contractors. Always pick a contractor that does not only offer a good deal but a contractor that is reliable, credible, licensed, insured, and experienced.

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