How Much Does Asphalt Removal Cost

There are times when the need for asphalt removal will call you. This can be true due to certain reasons such as needing a longer driveway, wanting a larger paved area, desiring less paved area in the garden, replacing a damaged pavement, and the like. Whatever is calling you to remove asphalt in your landscape, understand that the cost of asphalt removal can easily go from zero to a thousand dollars. Learn how much this project will cost you these days.

The Cost Of Asphalt Removal

The cost of asphalt removal varies depending on what kind of approach you choose.

DIY asphalt removal can range from $0 to $500. This includes the following:

  • local dumping and recycling fees
  • equipment rental

Professional asphalt removal, on the other hand, costs from $500 to $1,000.

This price includes hiring a company to break up the asphalt, remove it from your property, and dump it to an appropriate recycling center.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Asphalt Removal

Approach. As mentioned above, doing the project yourself will be cheaper as compared to hiring a contractor to do the job for you. Professional asphalt removal will include everything in their services and will not allow you to do something with regards to the project. On the other hand, DIY asphalt removal means you have to deal with everything from the planning, renting of equipment, working on the asphalt, and so much more. For DIY jobs, your biggest expense here is equipment rental. Depending on the size of the job, you may face the following equipment rental expenses:

  • Electric jackhammer rental ($50 to $100 a day)
  • Concrete saw rental ($30 to $50 a day)
  • Small backhoe rental ($150 to $350 a day)

Size. The size of the asphalt being removed also affects prices. Small areas are cheaper. For DIY jobs, for instance, small projects will require only an electric jackhammer, which is cheaper to rent as compared to renting a small backhoe for large projects. On the other hand, professional companies remove asphalt in a per square foot basis most of the time. They roughly charge $2.50 to $3.50 per square foot of asphalt to be removed. However, smaller projects may mean higher per square foot fees.

Thickness. Besides the size of the area, the thickness of the asphalt to be removed also affects prices. Thicker asphalt may be harder to work with so removing them will be a lot more expensive. The thickness of the rock/gravel base is also considered when pricing asphalt removal. A standard asphalt paving is usually three to four inches thick laid on a four to six inch base. This kind of pavement is usually a lot more difficult to remove as compared to common residential asphalt that is only around an inch or two thick with little to no base.

Geographical location. Contractor and equipment rental prices vary from one place to another; hence, geography plays a big role when it comes to asphalt removal prices. Besides this, different areas price asphalt dumping differently. There are some areas that offer free asphalt dumping but there are some areas where dumping fees cost up to $30 per truckload. Some areas may even charge higher.

Additional Costs

In some areas, local regulations dictate the need for permits when removing asphalt pavement. Getting permits can be an added expense.

If you have rented a concrete saw for the asphalt removal project, you can possibly be charged $25 to $125 extra for the wear on the diamond-tipped blade. The wrong use of the concrete saw for asphalt removal can lead to wear onto the diamond blade so it is best for you to make sure you know how to use the concrete away correctly.

Renting a dump truck or heavy duty trailer is necessary for large DIY projects. You need them to haul the removed asphalt to the disposal or recycling center.

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Tips Before You Decide To Remove Asphalt

Before starting any kind of digging in line with the asphalt removal project, contact utility companies to mark underground lines on the property. This is especially necessary if you are doing the project yourself. You have to make sure that the digging on the ground will not damage any utility line in the property.

Check with your local departments regarding the need for permits in line with asphalt removal.

Get the help of a reliable and licensed contractor for the asphalt removal project. A good contractor has a great reputation, has skilled professionals, and has all the right equipment for the job. Your contractor must help you regarding every part of the asphalt removal job. The contractor must verify underground utility lines, remove the asphalt using appropriate heavy equipment, and haul the debris to the recycling center. There are even contractors that will layer and level topsoil on the site for you.

Get price estimates from different contractors and make sure to compare costs, inclusions, and quality of services. Moreover, only deal with an insured and bonded contractor for your asphalt removal needs.

Check the inclusions in the package of a contractor you are hiring for the asphalt removal project. Remember that a good contractor will do everything for you from getting permits to leveling the work area once the job is completed. Take note that it pays to spend more on a contractor that will do everything for you as compared to getting cheaper services but will give you a lot of tasks to yourself. Most of the time, cheaper services will require you a lot more additional expenses in the end.

If you are doing the removal yourself, do not forget to wear eye and ear protection as well as a dust mask. Also, make sure that you know how to properly do the asphalt removal for best results.

If the project is not too big, you can contact regular laborers or local handymen to do the job for you.

Contact local offices to check for asphalt recycling centers in your area. It is important that asphalt is disposed properly so it will not be a hazard to people and the environment. Plus, disposing it correctly will mean asphalt debris can be reused for other purposes.

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