How Much Do Blackout Curtains Cost

Blackout curtains are mainly used for the purpose of blocking out light from coming into a room. These curtains can amazingly completely darken a room, which makes the room ideal for day-shift sleeping as well as projection TV viewing. Besides blocking out light, some blackout curtains can block noise as well, though not a hundred percent. Plus, they can promote energy savings since these curtains can successfully trap heat in the winter and keep the heat/light out during the summer.

The Cost Of Blackout Curtains

The typical cost of blackout curtains ranges from $13 to $100 per single panel.


This price includes a single panel of acrylic blackout curtain only. Some custom-made panels come with hangers or clips for installation purposes.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Blackout Curtains

Size. Blackout curtains come in different sizes. The bigger the curtain usually is, the more expensive its price is. Standard sizes of black out curtains can be up to 30 inches wide and up to 84 inches long. Custom-sized blackout curtains can also be available ranging from 30 to 177 inches in width and to 15 to 124 inches in length. However, these custom-sized curtains are usually on the more expensive end.

Material. The cheapest material used for blackout curtains is acrylic. There are blackout curtains that are made from more expensive materials such as silk, velvet, or damask fabric.

Construction. Usual blackout curtains are made of a single layer of material only.  For instance, blackout curtains with prices ranging from $13 to $100 per panel are made with a layer of acrylic material only. There are designer blackout curtains that are constructed with better quality, however. For instance, designer blackout curtains are usually made with multiple layers of material (fabric or velvet) with interlining, complex pleating, and other accessories. Designer blackout curtains like this can cost up to $2,500 per panel. There are even specialty blackout curtains like those that are fire-retardant. These curtains are on the more expensive side as well.

Brand. Blackout curtains come with different brand names. Prices usually vary depending on the quality of materials and construction.

Set. Usually, you’ll save money when you buy a set of blackout curtains instead of buying per single panel. A set of two panels of a single layer or acrylic material usually costs from $30 to $80.

Additional Costs

A new curtain rod will cost you $5 to $25. You have to purchase a new rod in any case that your current rod and rings do no work well with the new curtain.

Installation hardware will be an extra cost as well ranging from $5 to $50. This includes finials, holdbacks, brackets, clips, and rings.

Blackout curtain liners can also be extra. This will cost you $20 to $80 per panel.

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Tips Before You Buy Blackout Curtains

Measure all windows that require blackout curtains. It is important that you get the proper width and length measurements to ensure that the curtains will not only look good but will also do their job in blocking out light perfectly.

Know what you want from the blackout curtain. If it is for a media room, a blackout curtain that can block 99.9 percent of light is a good choice. The same thing applies for curtains of a person working night shifts. On the other hand, if you intend to place the curtain in a nursery, make sure it does not block most of the light so you can still see your way around the room easily.

You may want to check out magazines and online portfolios to find blackout curtain styles, designs, and fabric choices. Make sure to pick a color and style that will match the overall ambiance of your home’s interior.

Visit one store to another when shopping for blackout curtains. It is important that you personally see your selections so you can better choose the type of fabric, design, and color you want for the curtains. Check out the prices as well. It is good to compare prices from one brand to another so you can really find a good deal out of your purchase.

Always read the labels on the blackout curtains you are purchasing. Check out the weight and see whether or not your current curtain rod can accommodate it. Check the fabrics it is made of as well as its light-blocking capacity.

Most department stores carry a line of blackout curtains for your selection. There are even bargains at some stores.

If you need custom-sized curtains, look for reliable and credible stores to do them for you. A good store will ask you for your needs and listen to them when making your order. They will make necessary measurements of your windows and they will be installing the new curtains once they are finished.

3 Great Benefits Of Blackout Curtains

There is more to blackout curtains than just being stylish window coverings. Check out the three other major benefits of blackout curtains you can enjoy:

  1. Block light. This is one of the most popular benefits of blackout curtains. A lot of manufacturers of these curtains these days are producing quality curtains that can produce up to 99 percent of light. Indeed, this is beneficial to people working at night requiring an ambiance of the night during daytime when they sleep.  With such kind of help, people with unusual sleep habits can have reduced risks to health problems. Moreover, blackout curtains can be very helpful to those who are living in northern cities where the sun can be out for a lot of hours a day. Plus, these curtains can also create a complete darkness in a media room so you can enjoy your home theater system.
  2. Block noise. Though not all blackout curtains available can block out noise, there are some curtains that are made to block up to 40 percent of noise. This can really be helpful for those requiring a more peaceful environment day and night.
  3. Conserve energy. This is one of the biggest advantages that can be offered by blackout curtains. The construction of these curtains is known to trap heat during the winter and so heating costs will be reduced. The opposite works during the summer. Since it keeps light and heat out during the summer and traps the cool air inside, air conditioning costs can be reduced as well. In fact, it is known that blackout curtains can minimize thermal energy loss out the windows. Hence, utility bills can be reduced.

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