How Much Do Helium Balloons Cost

Helium balloons are interesting in their very own way. Having gas inside that is lighter than the surrounding air, helium balloons have the amazing capacity to float on air. This fact and the natural charm of balloons make them popular decorations and additions in most parties such as birthdays, weddings, and other special events.

The Cost Of Helium Balloons

The cost of helium-filled balloons ranges from $0.50 to $13 per piece.

This estimate refers to ordering a piece of a helium-filled balloon from a party supply store. The balloon can be latex or Mylar (foil).

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Helium Balloons

Type. As mentioned above, helium-filled balloons can be latex or Mylar. The latter is basically the more expensive type with prices ranging from $1 to $13 per piece. On the other hand, latex balloons cost around $0.50 to $1 per piece only.

Size. The bigger the helium-balloon of your choice is, the more expensive it usually costs. For instance, normal-sized Mylar balloons cost $1 to $4 and oversized ones can cost anywhere from $7 to $13 and can even go as high as $15 per piece.

Shape. What makes Mylar balloons a better option at times is the fact that they come in various shapes. They can be shaped like a car, a cartoon character, or just about anything else. Shaped balloons like this usually start at $7 each.

Number of balloons. The number of helium balloons in one order can greatly affect prices. Most party supply stores give a discount for bulk orders. Some party supply stores even charge per dozen.

Store. The cost of helium-filled balloons varies per store as well. This can be true because of the quality of the balloons they use, their local competitions, and a lot of other factors.

Additional Costs

To keep arrangements tied together on the ground for decorating purposes, balloon weights are oftentimes necessary. These weights cost around $1 per piece at party stores.

The Cost Of DIY Helium Balloons

Instead of purchasing helium-filled balloons, it is possible for you to make your very own helium balloons. You simply have to rent or buy a helium tank and purchase latex or foil balloons. However, you must take note that this is only a practical approach when you need a lot of helium balloons at once or you intend to need a lot of helium balloons every now and then. Here are the costs involved in making your own helium-filled balloons:

  • A small disposable helium tank usually costs $30 to $70. This tank is enough to fill 50 latex balloons or 20 standard Mylar balloons. Shipping is usually extra but some stores can offer free shipping.
  • Buying a large helium tank will cost from $145 to $400 for 55 and 275 balloons respectively. Refilling helium tanks is usually $5 to $25 cheaper than renting the same kind and size of tank from a store. In line with the purchase, you have to get an inflator or regulator attachment that costs $20 to $225 extra.
  • Renting a helium tank to fill 100 to 500 latex balloons will cost you $35 to $200. The helium tank rental will come with an inflator or regulator for regulating the air and filling up the balloons.
  • For renting helium tanks, the store will usually require $50 to $200 deposit.
  • A replacement fee is expected to be collected if the valve is broken or if the cap is lost.
  • Standard unfilled latex balloons costs 7 to 30 cents per piece while printed or customized ones can cost from 50 cents to a dollar each. Unfilled Mylar balloons, on the other hand, range from $0.50 to $9 per piece.

Tips Before You Buy Helium Balloons

Check out different party supply stores and compare prices on helium-filled balloons. Check out the availability of colors, sizes, and shapes of balloons as well.

Know what kind and how many pieces of balloons you need for the occasion. This will help you get a better deal when shopping for helium balloons. Take note that ordering more balloons will likely land you a better discount.

When trying to rent or buy a helium tank, make sure you know how many balloons the tank can fill. Calculate where you can really save money.

Ask local party stores for local helium tank rental companies. They will for sure recommend a reliable company with good quality equipment. Most of the time, these local party stores rent tanks from the same provider they will be referring you to.

Keep in mind that helium can be a potential hazardous material. Hence, extreme care is necessary when handling a helium tank. Follow all safety regulations provided by the rental company especially when transporting and using the tank.

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How To Make Helium Balloons At Home

  1. Set up your helium tank first. Make sure it is upright and set on a flat surface. Check the tank as well for any leak or damage. If you notice any, immediately contact the rental store or manufacturer.
  2. Attach the balloon regulator to the helium tank.
  3. To start the balloon making process, get one deflated balloon and place its neck on the regulator. Make sure the tank’s valve is pointing away from you.
  4. Slowly turn the handle of the tank counterclockwise. This will open the tank and the balloon will start to inflate.
  5. Once the balloon is filled up to your desired size, pinch its neck and remove it from the regulator. Tie the end of the balloon to make sure the helium won’t escape. Don’t forget to close the valve, by the way, so you don’t waste any helium.
  6. Tie a ribbon or string around the neck of the balloon. You may want to tie the other end of the ribbon on a chair or any other object to prevent it from floating away. This is especially true if you are outdoors. On the other hand, if your ceiling is low, you can let every filled balloon float up to the ceiling and grab them later.
  7. Continue repeating steps 3 to 6 until you have enough balloon to use for the occasion.

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