How Much Does A Bathroom Sink Cost

When you are updating your bathroom, giving attention to the vanity is something that will work wonders for your goal. A simple bathroom sink replacement can already bring a lot of difference, life, and appeal to your bathroom. This article will guide you through the cost of a bathroom sink in today’s market.

The Cost Of A Bathroom Sink

The common cost of a bathroom sink is $50 to $1,000.

This estimate includes a bathroom sink alone. The lower end of the spectrum refers to a basic acrylic bathroom sink while the higher end refers to sinks with elaborate patterns and shapes that can be made of glass, copper, and other materials.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of A Bathroom Sink

Design. Bathroom sinks can go from simple to elaborate. Basic acrylic bathroom sinks range from $50 to $100 only while a slightly higher quality sink made from copper, glass, or stainless steel will cost around $100 to $300. On the other hand, elaborate sinks can go from $400 to $1,000 or even more. The latter may include double sinks and a faucet already.

Type. Bathroom sinks can either be stand-alone or come with a vanity. Stand-alone or pedestal sinks are cheaper with prices starting from $50 for basic models up to $1,000 for high-end models. On the other hand, sinks with vanity come more expensive. Prices can go from $300 to $1,500 or even more. Cheaper bathroom sinks are basic vessel sinks, but they can also be expensive depending on the materials they are made from and the features they are made with.

Material. Bathroom sinks are also priced depending on material as well. The cheapest material for a bathroom sink is acrylic. On the other hand, glass and copper come as the more expensive counterpart. Marble sinks are on the higher end of the spectrum as well.

Features. Basic bathroom sinks are cheaper as compared to sinks that come with various features. Double sinks, faucets, waterproofing, and the like are just among the few features that can add up to the cost of a bathroom sink. A complete bathroom vanity that includes mirrors, sink, faucets, cabinets, and the like tend to be the most expensive.

Brand. Bathroom sink prices vary by brand as well. Some brands have established a good reputation already in creating high quality sinks that their bathroom sinks are slightly more expensive than other brands. Moreover, some brands offer longer warranties on the bathroom sink so their prices can be higher.

Additional Costs

Some bathroom sinks already include a faucet but others do not come with one. Hence, you have to consider the cost of the faucet as an extra expense. Faucet prices can go from $20 to $70 for basic faucet models but can go as high as $800 for high-end models with bronze or nickel finishes.

Installation will also be an extra cost. Professional bathroom faucet and sink installation costs $75 to $250 depending on the type of sink being installed.

Removing old fixtures and repairing pipes and parts to fit the new bathroom sink installation can cost you extra as well. It may require you adding $100 or more on the cost of installation.

If you are doing the installation yourself, getting the needed tools and supplies will be an extra cost as well.

Types of sinks to choose from

With the number of options of bathroom sinks today, it really can be confusing for you to choose the best one for your needs. Read on further to know the different types of bathroom sinks and make your way towards landing with an option for your own bathroom:

  • Wall-mounted sink. This is the most common of all bathroom sinks today because it is perfect for tight spaces as well as tight budgets. This sink is mounted directly to the wall without any kind of floor support.
  • Pedestal sink. This type of bathroom sink is mounted on the floor and can be used even in tight spaces. There are a lot of styles of pedestal sinks starting from modern to Victorian.
  • Vessel sink. This is fairly new in the market but is getting a lot of attention because it is stylish enough for a sleek and modern bathroom. This sink is simply a vessel or a bowl where a faucet pours water into it. The vessel can be made from different materials starting from porcelain to blown art glass. Vessel sinks are usually fastened to a floor-mounted vanity base.
  • Framed vanity sink. This type of sink is commonly installed into laminate countertops. The sink can be made either of porcelain or steel.
  • Drop-in sink. Also called self-rimming sink, the drop-in sink is usually installed in a vanity countertop. It can be installed in any kind of countertop such as plastic laminate, tile, stone, synthetic composite, and the like. Self-rimming sinks come in various sizes and decorative shapes to match various needs.
  • Undermount sink. An undermount sink works basically the same as the self-rimming sink but it is more clean-looking once installed. It cannot, however, be installed into tile and plastic laminate countertops but only into solid surface counters such as stone and synthetic composite. They basically mount from the counter’s underside.

Pedestal sink
Photo by Lynda True

Tips Before You Decide To Buy A Bathroom Sink

Evaluate your bathroom and know what the best kind of sink is that will work for it. Know the type, material, and design of sink based on the theme and purpose you are eyeing for the new addition.

Meassure the space you have for the sink. It is important that you have an accurate measurement to ensure that you will purchase a bathroom sink that will fit just right in the space you are providing for it.

Check out catalogs to see various kinds of sinks that you can use for your bathroom. Find sinks that appeal to your eyes as well as sinks that you think can work best for your bathroom.

Shop around for bathroom sinks. Visit different stores to check out available sinks and choose based not only on price but as well as the kind of sink that you really need and like.

Make sure to shop only from trusted retailers. Take a look at the brand and the warranty being offered to ensure you are getting a good quality sink for your use.

Look for the warranty as provided by the manufacturer to the bathroom sink you are purchasing. Take note that the length of the warranty refers to how confident the manufacturer is with their product. Longer warranties mean a guarantee of a good quality product and a longer protection of your investment.

Hire experienced, licensed, and insured professionals to install the sink and faucet for you. Get quotations from different contractors and make sure to get a written contract from whichever contractor you have chosen.

If you are doing the installation yourself, do the job carefully. Follow instructions closely to ensure safety and success of the project.

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