How Much Does A Bathtub Liner Cost

If you have an old and worn bathtub, it may be time to replace it. However, did you know that you can save from the high cost of replacing a bathtub with the installation of a bathtub liner instead? With a bathtub liner, you can hide stains and chips in the tub, not to mention yet that the tub will almost be maintenance-free. Plus, bathtub liners make the tub easier to clean and disinfect. And, the protection it offers to the bathtub can last for up to 20 years. Indeed, the installation of a bathtub liner is basically a good option no matter how you see it.

The Cost Of A Bathtub Liner

The typical cost of the bathtub liner is $500 to $1,500.

This price includes a PVC or acrylic bathtub liner as well as professional installation. The bathtub liner company will visit your home first and take the measurements of the tub and will make the right model of liner for your bathtub. The liner will be delivered in four to eight weeks and the installation will take six to eight hours. The installer will clean the old tub carefully, remove the drain and overflow, and attach the liner to the tub, and install a new drain and overflow.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of A Bathtub Liner

Material. Bathtub liners can be acrylic or PVC. Acrylic models are usually more expensive because they are thicker and better. PVC liners, on the other hand, are not only thinner and less durable, but they usually tend to yellow with age.

Size. Most tub liners come in standard sizes but usually, the bigger the liner is, the more expensive it goes. There are also customized versions of tub liners to fit various sizes and shapes of tubs. Custom-sized and designed tub liners are on the more expensive side as  well.

Type of tub. Some tubs are in standard sizes and so it is easier to find bathtub liners to fit them. If you have a uniquely-sized and shaped tub, expect to find more expensive liners for it.

Type of fit. Common tub liners fit the inside of the tub alone. These liners are cheaper as compared to liners used to cover the surrounding walls as well. A complete bathtub liner can cost from $1,000 to $4,000.

Accessories. Bathtub liners can come with soap dishes, shampoo shelves, and other accessories. The more accessories the liner has, the more expensive the particular option will be.

Brand. Bathtub liners also vary in prices depending on their manufacturer. Some brands offer more expensive models because they have better quality and better guarantee.

Installation. Some homeowners choose to do the project themselves. Hence, they save a lot of money on the cost of installation. Liners that are sold by home improvement stores with no offers of installation have cheaper price tags.

Additional Costs

At times, your tub may require additional plumbing. This is true if the tub liner happens to interfere with the existing facilities in the tub. Hiring a plumber will be an extra cost in your part.

When installation is not done properly, there are chances of cracking in the liner. This can cost you money for repair. But since repairing broken liners is difficult, replacement may be a better approach but will be more expensive as well.

Acrylic Vs. PVC Bathtub Liners

PVC and acrylic are the most common materials used for bathtub liners. But the question is: which is the better choice between the two options? Based on the quality of the two materials, acrylic tends to be the better option. Find out why:

The harder surface of acrylic liners offers you a more durable surface. Plus, the harder surface makes the bathtub liner feel more like a real bathtub as compared to the soft finish offered by PVC liners.
The surface offered by acrylic liners look more realistic, not to mention yet more attractive.
Maintenanceeasy to cleaneasy to clean
resistant to damage
Though both easy to clean, acrylic liners promise better things because they can be resistant to damage even with everyday use.
Pricecheapermore expensive
This part seems to be the only thing better in PVC than acrylic liners. However, the latter is more durable and will last longer despite being more expensive.

Moving on Along
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Tips Before You Buy A Bathtub Liner

Know whether or not getting your tub a liner is a good idea. Some signs that may tell you a liner is needed are discoloration, stains, cracks, and mildew in the tub. However, take note that if your bath tub is already in a bad enough state to keep, bathtub replacement may be the more practical option.

Know the exact model of your bathtub. The shopping process will be a lot easier in your part if you know what tub you have. You simply have to give this to the sales representative and you will be easily guided with the right liners that will work for it.

Always make sure that the company is giving you the bathtub that is appropriate for your bathtub model. Take note that some companies will not be able to cater to your tub liner needs because they do not make liners for your specific tub model.

Choose a liner with a color that matches your tub or the rest of the bathroom theme.

Take note that a good company, especially those dealing with custom liners, must go to your house to evaluate and measure your bathtub prior to giving your estimates and plans.

Shop around for good quality liners. Quality is important to be given attention to ensure your investment will be worth it in the end. Take note that good quality liners can serve you up to 20 years granted that it is properly cared for. Also, do not forget to ask about the material and chemical used with the production of the liner as well as with the installation. It is important that their materials are high quality and safe.

Always hire an experienced contractor to install the bathtub liner for you. Understand that mistakes in the installation can lead to a lot of problems in the future, which may defeat the purpose of installing the liner in the first place. Research companies that are licensed, credible, and experienced in the job. Getting references from each company will help you better understand what kind of contractor they are for the particular service.

Only deal with an installer that has liability insurance. Installing a liner can be a tricky process and so instances of damage can be possible. An installer with liability insurance will guarantee protection to your investment no matter what happens during the installation.

When shopping for a bathtub liner, it is better to have the same company do the installation for you as they know what their product is and how to properly handle them.

Understand that the whole shopping process may take four to six weeks from the time the contract is signed. The company will need to measure your tub, order the liner, and install the liner for you. Plus, after the installation, you have to wait another day before you can use the tub again.

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