How Much Does It Cost To Render A House

If you want to render your house, you can either do it yourself or get a contractor to do it. However, just with any home construction, finding the right contractor can be hard. Besides quality and speed, the price is also one of the main factors. To give you some rough estimates, provides you with the estimate cost of rendering a house.

Typical Cost Of Rendering a House

The estimate cost lies around $5-$8 per square foot (or $50-$80 per square meter).

small house $5k-$8k
medium house $8k-$12k
large house $12k-$20k

Included In The Cost

  • cleaning
  • material
  • labor
  • possibly some small repairs

Consider These Factors

  • This estimate is for a red brick house. A weatherboard house would be more expensive, since one needs to clad the walls with something like polystyrene first. Other wall types are masonary, blueboard, hebel, etc.
  • The overall condition of the wall also affects the costs.
  • Repairs can be hard to color match.

Additional Costs

  • If you need repairs to the wall before rendering can be done, the price of the project can go up quite a bit.
  • If the bricks are rough or other types of wall are not smooth, extra preparation is needed. This can increase the cost by 50 percent.

Tips Before Getting Your House Rendered

Take a look at the other houses in the area. If your house is the only one with rendering, it might fall out of tune.

Some future buyers might wonder why it is rendered (they ask themselves: “is it hiding anything?”) therefore, it could pay off to get an appraisal or inspection statement right before you render it.

Ask for warranty policies by the contractor. 10+ years of warranty is not uncommon.

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