How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car

If you have bought or sold a car, you still have to ship it to its next location. If the distance is too long for one of the parties to drive themselves, you can have your car shipped. You might wonder about the price of shipping a car. This article will cover the cost of shipping a car within the US.

Typical Cost Of Shipping a Car

The cost of shipping a car coast to coast lies around $800 for a normal sedan car, $950 for a small van, pickup, or SUV, and larger varieties will average $1050.

Car Type

Winter rate (coast to coast)

Summer rate (coast to coast)

Compact 4-door sedan

$ 600

$ 1000

Small van, suv, pickup

$ 800

$ 1100

Large van, suv, pickup

$ 900

$ 1100

Included In The Price

shipment on a open carrier or in a container. The maximum size for a container shipment is7x7x19 ft.

Consider These Factors

Size and weight of the car. A heavier and bigger car will be a few hundred dollars more expensive.

Season. summer or winter can affect the price. Summer is the peak season, and you can expect to ship your car for $250 extra compared to the winter season.

Location. If you don’t live close to a terminal, you might have to pay extra for pickup. You could drive it to an embarkation point yourself, though. Same goes for the delivery location. If the shipping address is far from the arrival terminal, you have to pay extra to get it driven there individually. Conversely, a terminal to terminal shipment might get you a discount.

Overseas. If the car needs to cross the waters, such as from the westcoast to Hawaii, expect to pay an extra $250.

Additional Costs

Weight. If the car is heavy, you have to pay extra. Conversely, if the car is very light you might get a better deal with a regular moving company instead of a car moving company. Also remember not to fill up the gas tank completely, it will add to the weight.

Speed. Normally, a cross country delivery takes about two weeks. You can ask for speed delivery, which can saves you a week’s time, and expect to add an extra $200-$500 to the cost of shipping your car.

Running. if the car is not working properly, an extra fee would cover the more difficult handling of the car. For example, charges $150 extra for a non-running Alfa Romeo 164.

Tips Before You Get Car Shipping

Take some pictures from the car before you ship it, to have proof of the condition your car was in before shipping. Also, clean the car to make sure no items can move around and damage the inside of your car.

ask the shipping company for the locations of their terminals, and about their pickup and delivery prices.

If the price is dependent on weight, make sure the tank is not completely full. A quarter of a tank would suffice most shippings.

Ford Model A car
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you can find shippers in your state at However, be sure to check consumer ratings at before you actually buy car shipping. You can request quotes at

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