How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Star

There are a couple of websites where you can buy a star. However, it should be noted that you do not actually buy a star. You only buy a package with certificates and information on your star or stars in general. These sites are not licenced to actually name them, and the publishing is usually done in their own ‘books’ or ‘registry’. The only scientific institution that is authorized to name astronomical bodies is the International Astronomical Union. And no, you cannot buy a star there either.

Typical Cost Of Buying A Star

Most star buying sites have 3 to 5 packages, ranging from $15 to $160

Included In The Price Of A Star

Typically, you get a letter of congratulations and a certificate. Packages may include certificates, letters of congratulation, letter of condolances, symbolic items, such as a medallion, a booklet on stars, wallet cards, receipts,  etc.

Consider These Factors

the price depends on the type of paper, the size of the certificate, and other items that come with the package.

Tips Before You Buy Decide To Buy A Star

Again, as long as you realize that you dont actually buy a star, nor actually name a star officially, you may enjoy (giving) a star certificate. It is symbolic and may be a nice present or gesture towards those that value these kinds of presents.

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