How Much Does It Cost To Move A Mobile Home

The cost of moving a mobile home might be more than you expect. However, don’t try to take shortcuts by hiring a handyman or someone who happens to have a duty pickup truck. You want to hire professionals. After all, this is your home we are talking about, and there are a couple of important and crucial moments that determine if the moving of your mobile home will be successful.

How High Are Prices of Moving A Mobile Home

shorter distances: $1,000 – $5,000

longer distances or more difficult cases: $5,000 -$15,000

another estimate is $5-$10 per mile

Included In The Cost of Moving A Mobile Home

a licensed moving crew that is insured, as your normal home insurance won’t cover damages during transport.

Permits from the Department of Transport to move your particular home, and an inspection of the home to see if it is in a good enough state to be moved.

The transporting truck and the driver, possibly a vehicle in front and behind the truck to signal that its carrying a wide load.

Deinstallation of plumbing and electricity, getting the home on wheels (one way or another) installation of lights on the back of the home, hook up plumbing and electricity,

Consider These Factors Affecting the Cost of Moving

Foundation. What the mobile home sits on, will be an important factor in determining the cost of moving a mobile home. If it sits on a slab, it will be easier (cheaper), whereas on pier blocks or soil will be more difficult.

Size. Double and triple width mobile homes are much more expensive if they need to be moved over the road, as permits and transport will be more difficult.

Weight. The heavier the home, the stronger the cranes and trucks need to be.

Distance. The further you want to move your home, the more expensive it is to move your mobile home. A general rule of thumb is that the cost is about $6-$10 per mile. Also, the mover needs permits from every state that the mobile home travels through.

Nature of the terrain. A flat and straight road is easier than a bendy road in the mountains. Also, the terrain where it will be placed can affect the cost. If the pickup and drop off point has a lot of space and is on concrete, it is easier for the crew to get your home in the right place.

Foundation. Can the mobile home stay on wheels or does it need a foundation?

Services. The services that need to be disconnected (power lines, plumbing, etc) and hooked up affect the cost. Normally, these are included in the cost, provided that the new services are already available at the new site. If not, expect to pay around 800 to 1500 dollars to have the water and power supplies reconnected.

local zoning laws. These laws affect the permits that can or cannot be attained, and at what price.

Additional Costs

  • If the mobile home is a bit older, it might need new wheels before it can be moved. Also the tow part needs to be in good condition, or replaced.
  • A double or triple wide mobile home will be more expensive.
  • You might need some repairs after your home is relocated. The materials used to build a mobile home are usually of lesser quality compared to a normal home, and in general anything that big that is moved, will suffer some damage during transport and installation.
  • There might be different regulations if you move to another state. Make sure you are aware of possible extra requirements that the house should meet.
  • Some things that you could do (or have to do) yourself, are (removing and installing) skirting, steps, airconditioning, etc.

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Tips Before You Move A Mobile Home

  • Seek competitive bids from professional movers.
  • If you dont have insurance yet, it could be a good idea to get a home insurance in case something happens during transport.
  • get your permits to move a mobile home from the counties where your move it from and where you move it to.
  • There will be a breaking point where the moving costs won’t outweigh the value of the home anymore. If you are considering moving a long distance, it might be financially more attractive to sell the house.
  • federal or state employees who are relocated can get a certain amount of money for relocation purposes.

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