How Much Does Velashape Cost

The Velashape is a product that claims to fight cellulite by means of bi-polar radiofrequency and infrared light energy. This energy would shrink the size of fat cells. The Velashape treatment supposedly makes the skin smoother and tighter, reducing cellulite dimples.

It has been featured on the Dr Phil show and was endorsed by Kim Kardashian. Velashape technology is invented / trademarked by a company called Syneron.

Typical Cost Of Velashape

Treatment with Velashape costs $200-400 per treatment.

On average, the total cost for the entire treatment period lies between $1500-$2000.

Some people see results after 3 treatments, while others use up to 10 treatments (and can still be disappointed with the results).

Included In The Price Of Velashape

Included in the price of a treatment is the initial consultation and the following treatment(s). Each treatment takes about 40 minutes.

Consider These Factors

The price of a Velashape treatment depends on the following factors:

  • how many treatment sessions you need
  • The amount of skin that needs to be treated
  • the location of your doctor

Additional Costs

Additional costs are for extra treatments. You can also opt for a package deal. Not everyone sees results. It is a difficult decision between quiting or continuing with more treatments in hope of seeing results.

Fat Cells
Photo by Christi Nielsen

Tips Before You Get Velashape  Treatment

Make sure you are a good candidate. Discuss this with other patients, such as on

Most places offer a discount package for multiple treatments.

If you dont see results, you can try asking for a partial refund or discount on future treatments. People have claimed to see results after more treatments (10). However, this is a judgment call on your part.

You still need to change your life style. It works best on people with a healthy BMI, diet, and work out regimen. You are also expected to drink a lot of water.

Results are not permanent. They last between 6 and 12 months.

You may experience a little bit of pain during treatment and redness after treatment.

You may only see results after a couple of treatments (4-10).

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