How Much Does It Cost To Go To Harvard

Harvard is an Ivy League university, and is within that selected group of universities considered (one of) the best. However, with holding up a reputation of the best university comes great costs, and with so many students wanting to go to Harvard, they can raise the price. However, Harvard is also known for its great financial aid programs, so it is not exclusively for the rich.  About 70% of students at Harvard receive some form of aid.

Typical Cost Of Going To Harvard

The typical cost of going to Harvard should be expressed in a per year estimate. Some curriculums take longer, and some students take longer as well.

The typical cost of attending Harvard (2011-2012) are $56,000*

*according to the Harvard Office of Admissions.

This includes all costs related to attending Harvard. Tuition itself is $36,305.

Included In The Price Of One Year At Harvard

Tuition $36,305
Room & Board $12,801
Health Service Fee $  1,186
Student Service Fee $  2,360
Personal Expenses $  3,450

Additional Costs

  • Travel costs come in addition to the above mentioned estimate, and range from $0-$4,200.
  • other living expenses that are not accounted for above, such as parties, cell phones, a new computer, field trips, etc.
  • Health Insurance is required if the student is not covered under the family’s health plan, and costs $1,834.

Tips Before You Enroll or Apply For Harvard

There are a couple of ways to reduce the costs of attending Harvard: need-based grants and merit-based grants.

Need-based Grant Awards are awarded to students who don’t have the financial means to attend Harvard. The programs are: GHSE Grant Funds, Pforzheimer Fellowship Application, and Harvard University Restricted Scholarships.

Merit-Based Grant Awards consist of programs for:

Doctoral candidates

  • Presidential Scholarship
  • Foreign Languages and Area Studies (FLAS) Summer Fellowship
  • Conant Fellowships

and for Master’s Candidates

  • James Bryant Conant Fellowships
  • Urban Scholars Program
  • Leadership in Education Awards
  • Zuckerman Fellowships
  • Pforzheimer Fellowships
  • Noyce Scholarships

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