How Much Do Sugar Gliders Cost

Sugar gliders are not your usual pets. They are rather exotic marsupials that can work perfectly as cheap and lovely pets at home.  As compared to other exotic pets, owning and caring for sugar gliders is not that much expensive. Read on and find out how much do sugar gliders cost today.

Typical Cost Of Sugar Gliders

The average cost of baby sugar gliders is $125 to $300.

This refers to a common grey sugar glider.

Included In The Price Of Sugar Gliders

The price includes one baby sugar glider in a traveling cage. Some sugar gliders that are shipped from far locations include a bit of food and heat source in their tag prices.

Consider These Factors

  • Age. Young sugar gliders are more expensive as compared to older ones. Older sugar gliders are less desirable and may be harder to train. Older sugar gliders are priced around $100 to $150.
  • Breed, type, and traits. Sugar gliders that are already tamed can be more expensive in the long run. The same is true for colored sugar gliders. White-faced sugar gliders can cost around $300 to $600 and mosaic sugar gliders can be priced as much as $3,000.
  • Shipping. You will have to pay for the shipping of the sugar gliders after ordering it. This is especially true if there are no local breeders in your area.

Additional Costs

  • Companions. Sugar gliders are best kept with companions so as to keep them happy. This can double the price of your first investment on this kind of pet. In fact, some noble stores do not allow the purchase of only one sugar glider unless you already have some at home.
  • Cage. Your new sugar gliders need a cage of course. Hence, this will be an added expense. A cage measuring 30x30x60 inches can cost around $200 to $300. This is the standard size to fit at least two sugar gliders. Keeping them in smaller cages is not recommended. Cage accessories are also a must to entertain your sugar gliders. Your accessories may include pouches, food dish, water bottle, wodent wheel, nail trimmer track, and other random toys. This can cost you around $50 to $70 in total.
  • Heat. Sugar gliders naturally thrive in warm climates. So if you live in colder areas, it is recommended for you to provide a heat lamp or a heat rock so as to make the gliders comfortable in their cage. Heat lamps and rocks may cost around $15 to $40.
  • Food. You need to feed your sugar gliders as soon as they get home. Check out this one month food supply list and prices from
  • Neutering. You may want to neuter your sugar glider. This is an added cost of $50 to $200.

Tips Before You Decide to Buy Sugar Gliders

Make sure you are ready to welcome and care for this kind of pet in your home. The Sugar Glider Connection offers complete information on sugar glider care, nutrition, training, and handling.

The internet is home to a lot of masquerade breeders. This means that it often is hard to trust buying sugar gliders online. Check Sugar Glider Reviews to give you information on which sugar glider websites to trust.

Consider adopting homeless sugar gliders instead of buying one. The cost of adoption can be a lot cheaper as compared to purchasing one. Check out to find sugar gliders for adoption in your area.

Purchase your sugar glider from USDA-licensed breeders to ensure they impose high standards of safety and health to their sugar gliders. Check out theAssociation of Sugar Gliders Veterinarians for a very helpful guide when buying sugar gliders. Check out USDA-licensed breeders and pet stores here.

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