How Much Does Laparoscopy Cost

Laparoscopy is one form of a surgical procedure that aims to check the fallopian tube and ovary of a female to determine infertility problems. This procedure can determine problems in line with failed pregnancies including endometriotis, fibroid tumors, scar tissue, and other abnormalities. Usually, women who have failed to conceive after repeated attempts are advised to undergo this kind of procedure. Check our article on the cost of laparoscopy.

Typical Cost Of Laparoscopy

The cost of a laparoscopy procedure ranges from $1,500 to $5,000.

Included In The Price Of Laparoscopy

The price includes the surgeon’s fee, sedation or anesthesia, and the procedure itself in a clinic or office setting.

Consider These Factors

  • Hospital or clinic? Take note that the above quoted price of laparoscopy refers to a laparoscopy done in a clinic. If you want it done in a hospital, the price can go higher. The cost of a hospital laparoscopy can range from $5,000 to $15,000. The main advantage of a hospital laparoscopy is that once the doctor discovers problems during the procedure, a surgical repair can easily be done. If done in a clinic or office only, when this happens, the patient is usually required to go to a second procedure in a hospital setting. Further comparison of these two kinds of laparoscopy can be found at
  • Geographical location. Where is the clinic or hospital located? The geographical area can very well determine the price of the procedure.
  • Insurance. Most insurance plans cover laparoscopy. Hence, if you are insured, you pay almost nothing for laparoscopy. Talk with your insurance company regarding the coverage of this procedure.

Additional Costs

  • Recovery. The patient can feel mild to moderate pain for around seven days as a result of the procedure. The doctor can prescribe pain medications to help ease the recovery process.
  • Corrective surgical procedure. Corrective laparoscopy, when problems are seen during the procedure, can add up to your expenses here. This depends on what the problems are and a lot of other factors.
  • Complications. Though rare, complications can arise as a result of laparoscopy. This includes abdominal bleeding, infection, damage to various internal organs like the bladder and blood vessels, and the like. Check the to answer your other questions in line with laparoscopy complications. Treating any of these complications will cost you money as well.
  • Practitioner. As always, skilled and experienced practitioners charge higher as compared to those who are yet to build their reputation and credibility in the business.

Tips Before You Go For Laparoscopy

Only find qualified doctors or surgeons to perform the procedure for you. Take note that with the hands of reliable and experienced professionals, the chances of complications related to laparoscopy are minimized and the success of the procedure is almost guaranteed. Both the Society of Laparaendoscopic Surgeonsand the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons can help you find qualified practitioners near you.

Here are basic questions you have to ask the doctor before deciding whether he is the right one or not for the procedure.

Prepare for the procedure correctly. Discuss what things to do and not do with the practitioner prior to the scheduled day. also offers this very helpful information on preparing for a laparoscopy.

Know more about the procedure. Before finally deciding to go for laparoscopy, understand everything about this procedure. Ask your doctor all the questions you have in mind. Read more information on laparoscopy at and

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