Isle of Man Ferry Cost

Isle of Man Ferry Costs

Isle of Man lies in the Irish Sea between England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. It lies about 60 miles west of the coast of Lancashire.. If you want to take the ferry towards Isle of Man, you will need to buy a ferry ticket. The ferry to Isle of Man runs up to twice a day from Liverpool and the duration of travel is 2 1/2 hours. Alternatively, it also runs up to twice a day from Heysham, which takes 3 1/2 hours. The main ferry company is Steam Packet Company. Other locations, such as Douglas, Dublin, Belfast and Liverpool Birkenhead, run less frequently to Isle of Man.

Typical Cost Of the Isle of Man Ferry

the typical cost of a ferry return ticket by foot is £45-£60 p.p.

The typical cost of a ferry return ticket by car is £150-£300 for two people.

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Included In The Price Of A Ferry Ticket

A ferry ticket includes the boarding of vehicles and the transportation between the departure and arrival location.

Consider These Factors

One way or return tickets. A one way ticket is about half the price of a return ticket for foot passengers. For car passengers the difference between one way and return is less (to non-existent!).

Number of passengers. If you are traveling with more passengers per vehicle, be prepared to pay an extra fee, usually equal to an extra foot-passenger.

Location of departure. There are ferries that connect with Isle of Man from Belfast, Dublin, Heysham, and Liverpool. On average, prices lie in the same price range. However, for specific dates it can save money to depart from either specific location.

Season. In holiday seasons, the price will naturally be quite a bit higher.

Vehicle. The cheapest option is to enter the ferry by foot. However, if you are planning on taking  a vehicle on the ferry, be prepared to pay extra for your ferry tickets. We ran a test for a two day trip from Heysham to Isle of Man for in October 2011 (4th-6th) for one person and got the following price quotes:

Foot £   45
Car £ 140
Motorcycle £ 100
Motorhome £ 165

Additional Costs

Accomodation type. During the ferry ride, you can make use of certain comfortable seating options. However, you need to make reservations on forehand, and pay extra for it. The available options are a Niarbyl Lounge seat, First Class seat, and a 4 person Berth Cabin.

Food and drinks. During your trip, there will be availability to buy food and drinks. Expect to pay restaurant prices.

Isle of Man Ferry Cost

Tips Before You Buy Isle of Man Ferry Tickets

Buy tickets a long time in advance. When you wait until the last moment, tickets are scarce. Thus, the price can be quite a bit higher when you buy your ferry ticket only a few days in advance.

Compare different departure locations. Although the prices between the different departure locations are about the same on average, there may be steep price differences on specific dates.

Choose a flexible date range. Certain days of the week can be much cheaper, so if you travel with a flexible schedule, chose the date that the prices are the cheapest.

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