How Much Are Tattoos

A tattoo is a permanent self-expression of art. A lot of people get them not for aesthetic reasons only but to give a message as well. In today’s market, the cost of tattoos can never be definite. This is true because a lot of factors can affect the total cost of getting inked. To know at least an idea of how much tattoos are today, read on further.

Typical Cost Of Tattoos

The typical cost of tattoos is $50 to $300 per hour.

Included In The Price Of Tattoos

The price includes the professional designing and the tattooing of the art on the skin per hour.

Consider These Factors

Size. The size of the tattoo you choose usually determines the price of the body art. Large tattoos take a lot of time to complete and so the price can go very high. For instance, for a large tattoo that takes three hours to complete at $100 per hour, the total price can be $300. However, for small tattoos, most tattoo shops usually charge per project and not per hour. For instance, even a small star or dot that takes less than 30 minutes to finish can cost around $40 to $50 as this is the usual minimum charge per project.

Color. Colored tattoos are more detailed and may mean more work. Hence, they usually are priced higher.

Placement. If you place a tattoo in sensitive areas of the body, the cost can be more expensive as compared to getting a tattoo in areas like the shoulder blades, buttocks, upper arms, forearms, and outer thighs. Sensitive areas for tattooing are ribs, sternum, hands, feet, and genitals. Artists usually charge 10 to 25 percent extra when tattooing on sensitive body parts.

Artist. The geographical location where the artist is residing can affect tattoo pricing. However, more often than not, his experience and skills have a lot more to say. Amateur tattoo artists can charge at the lower end of the spectrum while professional artists can charge $350 to $500 or even more per hour.

Design. The more complicated the tattoo design is, the more expensive it will become. This is true because this kind of tattoos takes more time and effort to finish as compared to simple-designed arts.

Additional Costs

Aftercare. Moisturizing ointments are necessary for the healing process of the skin after being tattooed. The market carries aftercare ointments for $5 to $50.

Tip. It is usual that you pay the tattoo artist a tip, especially if you are happy with the results of the tattoo. Customarily, a decent tip for a tattoo artist is 15 to 20 percent of the tattoo cost.

Touchups. In time, the tattoo can fade a little and may require a touchup to bring back its lively design and color. A tattoo touch up costs about $30.

how much are tattoos
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Tips Before You Decide To Get A Tattoo

Decide on the tattoo design completely before getting the ink done. Remember that a tattoo is permanent and will be with you forever. As much as possible, choose a design that you can be certain you will still love after several years. Even if there are ways to remove tattoos today, there are no guarantees that they can be completely removed. Plus, the cost of tattoo removal can really be expensive. To guide you into deciding what tattoo to get and where to get them, check out this FAQ sheet from

Tattoo Finder is one of the largest online databases of tattoo designs that you can use when searching for tattoo arts.

Make sure to find a decent tattoo parlor and artist to do the job for you. The cleanliness and safety of the tattoo parlor and its equipment is always as important as the skills and knowledge of the tattoo artist you choose. This is very important to guarantee safety and reduced health risks. Mayo Clinic gives a detailed list of the risks and precautions you must take note of when getting a tattoo.

To make sure the tattoo artist is a pretty decent and reliable one, make sure he is certified by the Alliance of Professional Tattooists (APT). The APT website lists its professional tattoo artist members by state.

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