How Much Does A Car Battery Cost

The life cycle of a car battery is four years on average. Meaning, a car battery replacement will always come into view no matter what happens. Besides age, several other factors can call for a replacement of the battery. For instance, periods of inactivity and short trips can drain the battery’s power. This article will help you determine the cost of a replacement battery for your vehicle.

Typical Cost Of A Car Battery

The cost of a car battery ranges from $40 to $200.

Included In The Price Of A Car Battery

The price includes the car battery and a limited warranty. In some auto shops, installation of the car battery is already included.

Consider These Factors

Size. Basically, the group size of the battery is the biggest determinant of the price of a car battery. Three of the most common group sizes are 24, 64, and 75. The smaller the size, the cheaper the battery’s price tag is.

Brand. Generic car battery brands are cheaper and well-known brands like DieHard, Optima, Everstart, and Duralast price their car batteries higher. However, this is not only a matter of name. Generic brands usually do not last as long as batteries from good quality brands.

Warranty. Car batteries with longer warranties are generally priced higher. Though they may be more expensive, a warranty can be a good guarantee to you in times when your battery fails for any reason. This can save you from another cost of replacement.

Cold cranking amps (CCA). This refers to the battery’s capacity to start even under cold temperature. A battery must exceed, or at least meet, your car’s OEM cranking rate. However, this is only important for people who live in colder climates.

Reserve capacity. The longer the battery’s reserve capacity is, the higher its price usually gets. Reserve capacity refers to the number of minutes the battery can power the car when the alternator fails.

Additional Costs

You may need to pay extra for professional installation of the battery if you are not confident about your ability to do the replacement job. Prices vary depending on the repair shop you get the job done.

Some stores will charge you for a battery disposal fee. However, other stores offer this for free if you exchange the old one with a new one from them. Read this car battery disposal instruction to know more about the proper disposal of your car battery.

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Tips Before You Buy A Car Battery

Identify the type of battery that is currently installed in your car. You can check this at the owner’s manual. In cases the manual is misplaced, you can check the battery type for your car on a car dealership or the manufacturer’s website. You can also examine the battery yourself and check for the labels such as group size, cold cranking amps, and reserve capacity. It is very important that you know the right battery for your car to ensure you will shop for the right one.

Purchase car batteries from trusted retailers. You can consider auto parts stores like NAPA Auto Parts, AutoZone, and AC Delco. Sears and Walmart also carry a line of car batteries for you to choose from. The same is true for auto repair shops such as Good Year, Pep Boys, and Firestone.

If you want to buy car batteries online, make sure to deal with reliable stores. The top online stores today where you can buy a battery are 1st Optima Battery Sales, The Parts Bin,, and Auto Anything.

Buy a battery that is fresh. A car battery that is on the shelf for more than six months is not a good find anymore. Check the date on the label of the battery to ensure that the battery is a brand new stock.

Double check the warranty of the car battery. Make sure you understand the coverage, the free replacement period, and other terms and conditions regarding the warranty. Read this article from about car battery warranties to guide you with your purchase.

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