How Much Does A Fence Cost

Are you looking forward to build a fence for your yard? Before, going to the market, read this article to help you get an idea on how much does it cost to build a fence these days. Understand that depending on your choice, the cost of building a fence can be cheap or expensive.

Typical Cost Of A Fence

The cost range of a fence is $8 to $30 per foot.

This price estimate includes the fence and sometimes, installation.

Factors That Affect The Price Of A Fence

Material. The type of fence material you choose can very well affect the price of building a fence. Take a look at these material options when building a fence and how much they cost per foot:

Material Cost/Foot
Chain Link $8
Wood $9-$15
Ornamental Steel or Wrought Iron $20-$30
Vinyl $20
PVC $17

Height. The height can also affect the price of building a fence. Say for example a wooden picket fence. A four-foot wooden picket fence usually costs $9 per foot. On the other hand, a six-foot privacy fence ranges from $10 to $15 per foot.

Installation. Professional installation definitely will cost you higher as compared to installing the fence yourself. A lot of people choose DIY installation because it cuts costs substantially.

Design. This speaks usually for the ornamental steel or wrought iron fence. If you choose a design that is more intricate, expect to pay on the more expensive side of the scale. This is especially true for custom-designed fences because they require a lot of effort and time to make a fence like that.

Size of your yard. The size of your yard can obviously affect the price of building a fence. The larger your yard is, the more fence you need and so the price starts to rise. For instance, if you need 100 feet of fence to cover your whole yard, a $9 wooden picket fence will cost you a total of $900.

Additional Costs

A gate can be an added cost when building a fence. The price still depends on the type of material you choose, the size of the gate, and the overall design of the gate. Some gates can cost you around $100 while there are ornamental gates that can cost a thousand of dollars.

Several other factors can add up to your expenses when building a fence. This includes steep slopes, difficult access, and unusual obstructions. Professional fence installers usually charge higher for situations like this.

If you are doing the installation yourself, you may need several equipments to help you get started. For digging fence post holes, you may need a hole digger or auger. This tool can cost you from $15 to $110 while a small power auger can cost from $60 to $600 depending on the size or model. However, you can also consider renting an auger for a day for around $50.

how much does a fence cost
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Tips Before You Build A Fence

Measure your yard’s perimeter so you know how many fences you need before you shop for fence materials or before you visit a contractor. This will help you to easily get a price quote for the fencing project and help you purchase just enough materials for the job.

For do-it-yourselfers, check the for a bunch of guides to help you install different kinds of fences.

Find a reputable and credible fence installer in your area to guarantee the quality of the products and the quality of installation. Fence Depot has this guide to help you in finding the best fence installer. This directory has a list of fence contractors per state. You can also find contractors from the American Fence Association.

Choose a fence style and type that will match your landscape. There is nothing worse than a fence that is mismatched with your garden and your home’s exterior. Besides the style, choose a fence that will match the purpose of fencing. The American Fence Association has this very helpful quiz to help you determine the right fence to choose for your yard. This photo gallery can also give you an inspiration when choosing fences for your use.

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