How Much Does A Loft Conversion Cost

A loft conversion can have a lot of benefits to you as a homeowner. First, an unfinished attic can be transformed into something useful such as a storage space, an added bedroom, or an extended living space. Plus, it definitely increases the value of a home. However, a loft conversion involves a lot of money. Read on and find out how much does a loft conversion project costs.

Typical Cost Of A Loft Conversion

The cost of converting an attic into a storage space can cost from $2,000 to $5,000.

The cost of converting a loft to a large living space such as a bedroom, workroom, or playroom can run from $10,000 to $90,000.

Included In The Price Of A Loft Conversion

The price includes the following:

  • structural renovations
  • planning and designing
  • carpentry
  • labor
  • materials
  • plumbing
  • drywall
  • electrical installation

In some cases, building permits and inspections are already covered.

Factors That Affect The Price Of A Loft Conversion

Type of conversion. What do you want your loft to be converted to? Do you want it to be a simple storage space or do you want it to be a functional living space like a bedroom? Your choice will determine the price of the project. A simple storage space is definitely a lot cheaper as compared to living spaces. If you choose to convert the loft into a functional room, the price still varies. A workroom, playroom, or a small attic bedroom can go around $10,000 to $25,000. However, the price can go higher for larger attics and more sophisticated conversions. According to Hanley Wood Remodeling, the average cost of a 15×15-foot attic bedroom with a 5×7-foot bathroom is $49,346. This includes shed dormer, four new windows, closet space, insulated ceiling and walls, electrical wiring, and lighting.

Complexity. The more complex the design for the attic conversion is, the higher the price of the project can become. More extensive attic conversions can go as high as $80,000 to $90,000 for the whole project.

Materials. The choice of materials you use for the project can also determine the overall cost of the loft conversion. However, it is to be noted that it is better to go for more expensive and high quality materials for this project to ensure quality of the results as well.

Current state of the attic. If your attic is unfinished, the loft conversion price can be higher as compared to simply remodeling an attic in good condition already. Moreover, the type of roof structure you have can also affect the price of the project.

Electrical works. The price of electrical installation in the attic room can be higher or lower depending on the electrical needs of the room. For instance, if the loft is not receiving a lot of natural light, you may need to design a good lighting scheme to make the space livable.

Contractor. Remodeling contractors price differently for loft conversion projects. Their pricing usually depends on their credibility, expertise, and geographical location.

Additional Costs

Adding windows to the attic can add up to your expenses for the loft conversion. The price usually depends on how much windows you want to add in the attic and what kind of windows you want to install.

A stair will always be an additional cost when converting a loft. The price usually depends on the type of staircase you want to use. For instance, the basic pull-down staircase can range from $100 to $300. Wood staircases are usually cheaper as compared to aluminum options. High quality stairs, on the other hand, can cost as much as a thousand dollars.

Permits and inspections can also mean an added cost for your loft conversion project if it is not included in the services of a contractor. The fees for inspections and permits usually vary from state to state. You can check with your state’s building codes and regulations to find out how much you need to pay for getting permits.

Designing the new living space will surely cost you extra for the loft conversion project. This may include painting the walls, laying carpets, adding furniture, and the like. Besides the materials for this project, you may need to pay for an interior designer’s fee. However, you can consider doing this yourself to save on the cost of designing the new living space.

how much does a loft conversion cost
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Tips Before You Remodel Your Loft

Before deciding to remodel the attic, make sure that the project is a good move. You must consider all factors such as the cost, building codes, accessibility issues, and so much more. has a very useful article that can help you decide whether your attic is worth converting or not. Also, analyze your attic to ensure it is suitable for a loft conversion. The About Loft Conversions website answers most people’s questions of whether a loft is suitable for conversion or not.

Focus on the designing of the project. A good and functional design will always be necessary to ensure success of the loft conversion. You need to hire an architect or home designer to help you with the job. However, most contractors include designing and planning for the attic room in their services. You simply have to tell them what you want and approve their plans and designs.

Make sure to find reliable and efficient contractors to do the loft conversion for you. Research on each contractor that interests you such as their history, the services they offer, and the projects they have done for the past years. In most cases, some states require you to get a contractor that is licensed and certified by the state before you can pass through inspection and obtaining permits for your loft conversion project. To help you find local contractors near you, you can use the lookup tool provided by the lists things to look for when hiring a contractor.

Before signing up with a contractor, make sure you have a written copy of the contract. Be certain that you are aware of all costs involved in the service and any additional fee they may charge. Plus, make sure you understand the details of the responsibilities of the contractor including the planning and designing, obtaining of permits, and the like.

Get price quotes from different contractors before signing up for one contractor. Analyze not only their prices but also the inclusions of their loft conversion packages. Use Remodel Estimates to get a cost estimate of an attic conversion.

You can consider doing the loft conversion yourself if you have lots of time and you have background knowledge on carpentry. A lot of homeowners choose to do this as compared to hiring contractors because this saves them a lot of money. However, this is usually not a wise move for everyone. Check this loft conversion advice and see whether or not you can deal with all the work needed to complete the project.

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