Cost Of 0844 Numbers

0844 numbers have been popular in U.K.’s business world because getting one allows the owner to get a revenue share on all the calls he receives. These numbers are efficient and reliable in managing customer calls while giving extra revenue. For instance, if a customer calls your 0844 number, he usually pays five pence per minute. Four pence goes to the service provider while the rest will automatically be paid to you. The more calls you receive, the more revenue the subscriber can earn.

What is even better news about 0844 numbers is that they are very easy and simple to setup. This is without mentioning yet that setting up one is a very cheap venture. Read on and find out the current cost of 0844 numbers in the market.

Typical Cost Of 0844 Numbers

The usual cost of getting a 0844 number starts from zero to £100.

This price includes the connection fee, free monthly line rental, and in some service providers, a contract.

Factors That Affect The Price Of 0844 Numbers

Quality of 0844 numbers. When you apply for 0844 numbers, you will often hear memorable numbers. This refers to 0844 numbers that can be memorable to consumers. The more memorable the number is, the easier it is in the part of their customers to make business with the company. This is true because customers never have to look somewhere to call you because they can easily recall your number. 0844 numbers that are memorable are priced the highest of all 0844 numbers. On the other hand, some companies will give you random 0844 numbers for free.

Mobile or Landline? 0844 numbers can be mapped to either a landline or a mobile phone. Most of the time, routing the number to a landline is cheaper and oftentimes, it is free of charge.  On the other hand, mapping the number to a mobile phone is a bit higher. In fact, for other providers, they charge not only setup fees but monthly rental fees when 0844 numbers are routed to a mobile phone. This is true because when a number is mapped to a mobile, the cost incurred by the provider from the mobile network is passed on to the subscriber.

Service provider. The cost of setting up 0844 numbers usually varies from one service provider to another. For instance, one service provider may charge higher for setup fees but does not charge monthly rental fees while other may operate to offer low setup charges with rental fees per month. Some providers charge higher for setup fees because they usually have a lot of perks in their packages. Other service providers may also require you to sign up in a contract.

Additional Costs

A line rental fee is usually an added cost when setting up 0844 numbers and routing them to a mobile phone. The cost of a rental fee usually varies from one provider to another.

Additional services in line with your 0844 numbers can cost you extra as well. Additional services may include time of day routing, call announcer, online call stats and management, call queuing, call recording, and auto attendant. The cost of these additional services can vary from one provider to another. Take for example They offer these services for a setup fee of £5 each and monthly rental fee of £1.99 each.

Prices of the 0844 numbers usually exclude VAT. Currently, VAT is calculated at 20 percent of the selling price.

cost of 0844 numbers
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Tips Before You  Buy A 0844 Number

If you are not sure about getting a 0844 number yet, check out how your business will benefit out of setting up a number. lists down all the benefits you can get from using 0844 numbers for your business.

Analyze prices and terms of 0844 service providers in the UK. Choose a provider not only based on their price but also the terms and conditions included in their packages. One thing you have to check is the revenue you get out of each call from the provider. Some providers will give you 1p per minute while others will give you 1.5p or more. Another thing to look for is the price they charge for a call per minute. Usually, the charge is 5p per minute. Going over this usual price may already be hard enough for the consumer. In the end, go for the provider with the best deals on price, services, and revenue.

Choose a 0844 number wisely. If you have a good budget, it is better to go for memorable 0844 numbers. It will benefit your business more if customers can easily recall your business number. In the end, the price you pay for memorable numbers will pay off big time.

Consider checking these service providers when getting 0844 numbers:

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