How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Room

Painting a room can be one of the easiest ways to revamp the look of a room’s interior. Whether this is your bedroom or the living room, a fresh paint can give the room an instant makeover without much effort. This article will discuss the costs involved in painting a room. Read on and be guided towards getting this project started.

Typical Cost Of Painting A Room

The cost of painting a room depends on who will get the job done.

DIY room painting can range from $50 to $200.

Professional room painting can start from $200 to $500.

DIY room painting prices include the paint and the supplies that are enough to cover a basic 12×12 room. On the other hand, the cost of professional room painting quoted above usually includes labor fees only.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Painting A Room

Size of the room. The overall size of the room will more likely affect the total cost of painting a room. The larger the room is, the higher the expenses will be. A basic 12×12 room needs two gallons of paint. So the larger the room, the more paint you need to purchase to get the job done. For instance, professional painting of a15x20 room can already increase the cost to $300 to $700. This is true because of the obvious fact that a large room requires more paint and attention as compared to smaller counterparts.

Type of paint. If you choose high quality paints, expect that the cost of the project will be higher because high quality paints are more expensive. To know more about paints, check out our article discussing how much does paint cost to give you an idea on the costs of different kinds of paints in the market these days.

Supplies. If you are doing the project yourself, your choice of supplies will affect the cost of painting a room. Supplies include brushes, roll covers, paint trays, paint tray liners, tape, rollers, drop cloths, sand paper, and the like. Depending on the quality of the supplies you choose, the price of painting a room can increase or decrease. For instance, paint brushes cost between $15 and $20.

Contractor. If you are hiring a contractor to do the project for you, the price of the project will be affected by the contractor you choose. Room painting contractors charge differently depending on their expertise, skills, and location. Most of the time, you will receive good discounts if you use brand name paints when you hire professionals. This is because high quality paints can be easier to handle. Plus, paints like this often require a single application, which means the project will not be much of a burden for the contractor.

Additional Costs

Primer. A lot of paint jobs require the application of primer before being actually painted. This is especially true if the old paint seems to be darker than the new shade. Applying a primer first will ensure that you achieve the best shades and results possible. Primers are usually $8 to $10 per gallon. The number of cans you need depends on how large your project is.

Repair. If your walls are warped and cracked, you may need to spend on the re-caulking and updating of the moldings. This usually costs no more than 200 dollars.

Preparation. If the room has heavy furniture pieces that can be in the way of the painting job, you may need to hire people to move them for you. The cost of hiring contractors usually does not include moving furniture from one location to another.

Paint. This will be an added expense only if you hire contractors. The added cost will depend on the type of paint you choose and the number of gallons you need for the whole project.

Painting Supplies
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Tips Before You Paint A Room

Know whether you can do the job yourself or you need to hire professionals. Some things you have to check out to see whether you can stand a DIY paint job are your skills, patience level, condition of the walls, and the like. If you think you can cover everything without problems, doing the project yourself is never a bad idea.

If you choose to hire a contractor, make sure you pick an experienced and skilled professional. You can check out whether they are bonded, insured, and licensed or not. You may also look for credentials such as compliance programs and safety training.

Compare costs of various contractors in your area. However, take note that the price is not the only consideration that you must look into. The best contractor is someone who gives you the best services at the best price possible. Get free estimates here from local contractors near your area. Just enter your zip code and get estimates from various contractors.

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