How Much Does Weight Watchers Cost

Weight Watchers, as its name implies, is a company offering services and products to help people in their goals of losing weight and maintaining an ideal one. It offers one of the most effective programs because it assists long-term goals. Unfortunately, joining Weight Watchers is not free. Read on and find out how much does it cost to join Weight Watchers.

Typical Cost Of Weight Watchers

The cost of Weight Watchers ranges from $14 to $43.95.

Getting a monthly pass costs $43.95. This includes meeting fees for a whole month. The member can get unlimited meetings and access to e-tools in a one-month period.

Members can also pay $14 weekly for weekly meeting fees. This is a pay-as-you go membership where you can pay only on weeks you are in attendance.

There is also a Weight Watchers Online Only option. A registration fee of $29.95 is needed plus $18.95 per month. This does not include meetings but offers access to Weight Watchers online services such as tips, recipes, and tools.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Weight Watchers

Type of membership. The cost of joining Weight Watchers depends on what kind of membership you are enrolling to. Weekly Meetings memberships may be the cheapest to pay upfront but it can end up being expensive in the long run. A monthly pass, on the other hand, may cost $43.95 but it means around $9.99 per week only.

Location. The cost of the monthly pass and the weekly meetings may vary depending on your location. In some areas, the offers can be cheaper while in other places, the prices may be higher. For instance, in Honolulu, Hawaii, the monthly pass is only $39.95 while in Portland, Oregon, the monthly pass is $43.95.

Promotions. From time to time, Weight Watchers offer different kinds of promotions and special pricings. For instance, currently, the online only program offers a three-month savings plan, which costs $65 for the first three months and $18.95 on months thereafter. Also, in some areas, the registration fee is waived for a limited period of time.

Status. For meetings members, they can achieve the status of lifetime membership. This is awarded to members who achieve their weight goal after six consecutive weeks of paid Meetings memberships. Lifetime members can enjoy free meetings and pay only if they go two pounds over their weight goal.

Additional Costs

Weight Watchers offer various products that can aid in achieving personal goals. Weight Watchers products include at home systems, magazines, food products, and cookbooks. These products can be purchased in meetings or their online store.

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Tips Before You Decide To Join Weight Watchers

Get a free assessment from Weight Watchers so you know how this program can help you. The assessment will find your BMI and see whether or not you are in the healthy range and recommend solutions on what Weight Watchers can do for you. Take note that Weight Watchers is not only for people who want to lose weight. Even if you are in the healthy weight range, Weight Watchers can offer various services to help maintain your weight for the long term.

Choose which kind of Weight Watchers program is right for you. If you have a busy schedule and you think you cannot attend meetings, the online only option may be your best pick.

Before joining Weight Watchers, find meeting locations near you. More often than not, you will succeed on your weight goals through Weight Watchers if there is a meeting place near you.

Learn more about Weight Watchers. Visit their website to help you get answers to your questions and read stories from people who have succeeded in the program.

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