How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Tubes Tied

For women looking for a permanent birth control solution, getting their tubes tied is one great idea. Tubal ligation is a surgical sterilization involving the cutting, tying, and blocking of the fallopian tubes so eggs cannot travel to the uterus and meet sperms, which means fertilization will be impossible. In fact, it has a 99.5 percent contraception efficiency rate. If you are looking forward to this kind of contraception, learn about the costs of getting your tubes tied first.

Typical Cost Of Getting Your Tubes Tied

The cost of tubal ligation usually ranges from $1,200 to $6,000.

This price includes the fees for the procedure including anesthesia, surgeon, and facilities.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Tubal Ligation

Type of ligation. Ligation can be done through surgical sterilization or tubal implants. Surgical sterilization is usually more expensive as compared to the latter.

Geographic location. In the U.S., the price of tubal ligation usually varies from state to state. For instance, the average price of tubal ligation in New York is $4,500 while in Texas, the average cost is $2,500.

Insurance. For women who have insurance plans, the cost of the procedure can be lower. Most insurance companies cover at least part of the tubal ligation cost. More often than not, women with insurance pay as low as $160 to $2,200 only.

Physician.  Your physician’s experience can also greatly affect the cost of getting your tubes tied.

Situation. In most cases, a tubal ligation done after giving birth through C-section is cheaper as compared to a stand-alone procedure.

Additional Costs

Post-operative care such as pain medications may be needed to help with the healing process.

Tubal ligation reversal is possible for women who want to get pregnant again. Reversal can start from $1,000 to $8,000.

cost of getting your tubes tied
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Tips Before You Decide To Get Your Tubes Tied

Your personal gynecologist can refer you to a qualified surgeon who can do the ligation for you. You can also check the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to find qualified professionals to help you with the procedure.

Make sure you are hundred percent sure about this permanent birth control method. Though reversal is possible, this will cost you the same amount or even more of the cost of tubal ligation in the first place.

Talk with your insurance provider and discuss about possible coverage of the tubal ligation so you can prepare your finances better. Make sure you know how much of the cost of the ligation the plan can cover for you.

Take note that there is still a slight chance of getting pregnant even after tubal ligation. Also, there are certain risks in line with this procedure such as infection, wound separation, and organ injury. Hence, it really is best to get the best professional to do the procedure for you for efficient and successful results.

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