How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Dog

Shipping a dog, either locally or internationally, is often a nightmare for a lot of owners. There are a lot of instances of lost, injured, ill, and misplaced dogs during and after shipping. However, with a good shipping arrangement, it will be less likely that these things will happen. Read on and find out the cost of shipping dogs as well as some tips to ensure safety of your pet while on travel.

Typical Cost Of Shipping A Dog

The cost of shipping a dog ranges from $50 to $1,000 for airline travel.

The usual cost of shipping a dog on land starts from $200 to $500.

For shipping a dog by air, the cost involves the airline ticket, carrier preparation including labeling and food for the dog. On the other hand, ground shipping includes shipping the dog in individual crates using a trailer with foods and entertainment.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Shipping A Dog

Kind of shipping. It is to be noted that airline travel can go really expensive especially if it is an international travel. Plus, you must take note that there are different ways to travel a dog by air, which also affects the cost of the travel. For instance, if you travel with your dog, it can be admitted in the passenger cabin or as an excess baggage. Airlines usually charge $50 to $100 for a one-way fare in the cabin no matter where the destination is. However, some airlines charge higher for international flights. On the other hand, shipping a dog as excess baggage usually costs $75. If you are not traveling with your pet or if your dog is too heavy to be accepted in a passenger plane, it can be shipped through air freight where the charge usually depends on the distance and the size of the dog.

Size of dog. Small puppies are basically cheaper to ship as compared to large dogs. Especially in cargo shipping, the space that the dog can occupy in the cargo will affect how much it will cost you. For instance, dogs that are 100 pounds and more can be charged $500 or more for ground shipping while puppies that are one to 10 pounds can be priced around $200 only. In airlines, on the other hand, large dogs in big crates can be shipped for around $1,000.

Distance. The distance being travelled will definitely affect the cost of shipping a dog. Local shipping will always be cheaper than international shipping.

Kind of service. If you are not traveling with your dog, the way the pet is shipped to the new location can affect the cost of shipping. There are door to door services that are usually charged $30 to $50 more as compared to pick-up shipping.

Airline or cargo company. Airlines and pet travel services usually price dog shipping differently. This usually depends on the competition, geographical location, and type of services they offer. For instance, a reputable pet travel service company that offers clean trailers and complete care to dogs while being shipped can price their services higher. Moreover, a pet travel service company who offers individual shipping will be more expensive as compared to group shipping where the trailer picks up and drops off 20 or more pets from various locations.

Additional Costs

A dog for shipping, whether by land or by air, requires a health certificate. This can cost $40 to $60 extra. However, if the dog, for instance, has missing vaccinations, the vet releasing the certificate can update the shots. This will make the cost of a health certificate higher.

An airline approved kennel must be used when shipping a dog by air. Small crates can cost $40 while bigger ones can cost as high as $500.

Pet insurance must not be forgotten when shipping a dog. This can cost up to $100 extra, but usual prices are $30 to $50.

Arranging the dog shipping with a pet travel service can cost extra. This involves hiring a company to book flights for your dog and pick it up from your home and from the airport and deliver it right at the new location’s door. This is usually ideal for busy people and also for pet owners who are buying a pet from a different city, state, or country.

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Tips Before You Decide To Ship A Dog

Choose a pet shipping service that has a good reputation as well as a complete set of proper equipment. It is very important that your dog is comfortable and safe all throughout the trip so a good carrier is always necessary. More often than not, it is better to pay more for the shipping as compared to hiring a carrier that will not guarantee convenience and safety of your dog while on travel.

For ground transport, it may be better to pay more for individual transport of your dog. There are some pet travel services that pick around 20 pets in an extended route at a cheaper rate. However, despite being cheap, this kind of shipping is often stressful for a dog.

For airline shipping, make sure that you buy a secured kennel. It is important that your pet is protected from escaping during the flight and is also comfortable in the kennel. So always keep in mind that there is no point for you to invest on cheap crates that will not at all be approved by the airline.

Get a direct flight for your pet instead of connecting flights. This minimizes chances of misplaced dogs.

Respect the rules of the airlines and follow their codes and regulations. Most airlines require dogs to be at least eight weeks old to travel. A health certificate is also necessary. Also, expect that in some states and countries, a rabies vaccine certificate is necessary before they can approve your dog for traveling. Plus, some air travel services have weight restrictions on dogs being transported.

When you are traveling with a small puppy, make sure you have an airline-approved pet-carrier that can fit under the seats of the airlines. This will make it possible for your dog to travel with you as a carry-on luggage.

It is important that you crate train your dog prior to shipping him. This will guarantee that he will feel safe and comfortable all throughout the journey.

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