How Much Does It Cost To Get A Tattoo Removed

Sometimes, it really happens that you may want to get your tattoo removed. However, did you know that getting a tattoo removed can be a lot more expensive than how much you have paid for getting it in the first place? Find out the cost of tattoo removal in this article.

Typical Cost Of Tattoo Removal

The cost of tattoo removal will depend on the method you choose:

Laser tattoo removal costs $75 to $800 per session.

IPL therapy costs around $10 per pulse.

Dermabrasion costs $100 to $500 per treatment.

Tattoo removal cream costs $50 to $100.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Getting A Tattoo Removed

Tattoo removal method. It is obvious that the tattoo removal method determines the cost of removing a tattoo. Tattoo removal creams are basically the cheapest of all because most of the other methods require a number of sessions before getting the best results. Besides the above-mentioned methods, other options for tattoo removal are salabrasion, scarification, and excision.

Number of sessions required. Depending on your tattoo and your skin’s response to tattoo removal, you may require more than one session of treatment to completely say goodbye to your tattoo. For instance, in laser tattoo removal, the number of treatment usually required is five to 12. This usually makes the total cost of laser tattoo removal reach thousands of dollars in the long run.

Tattoo. The size, color, location, and age of your tattoo can usually affect the cost of tattoo removal. Say for example laser tattoo removal. Its price is usually calculated in a per square inch basis. Hence, the bigger the tattoo is, the higher its removal cost will be. Moreover, tattoos located in sensitive areas of the body are more expensive to remove.

Insurance. More often than not, tattoo removal is not covered by insurance. However, the removal of traumatic tattoos and decorative tattoos causing medical problems may be covered by insurance.

Additional Costs

Depending on the method of removal you choose, there may be additional costs involved in tattoo removal. In laser tattoo removal, an anesthetic cream or shot is usually an extra expense. For other methods like dermabrasion and  other surgical  forms of tattoo removal, pain medications may be needed.

 cost of getting a tattoo removed
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Tips Before You Decide To Remove A Tattoo

Understand that not all tattoos can be completely removed. Hence, prepare yourself for unsuccessful attempts even if you invest money on it. A good tattoo removal specialist will tell you your chances of getting the tattoo completely removed before letting you sign up for the procedure.

Choose the right tattoo removal method that you can afford both physically and financially.

Find a qualified and experienced specialist to help you with tattoo removal. Make sure he is also licensed and is gaining a lot of positive feedbacks from customers.

Be careful when buying tattoo removal creams. A lot of tattoo removal experts say they do not work at all. Hence, before buying tattoo removal cream, make sure to make your own research on the product to ensure it will not be a total waste of your money.

Understand that there may be risks involved in tattoo removal. Some risks include scarring and skin discoloration.

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