How Much Does Carpet Cost

Are you planning to get a carpet for your floor? That’s a great idea. The versatility and style carpets can bring to any floor cannot be matched even by classic wood, tile, or vinyl floors. This is without mentioning yet that carpet brings comfort, adds safety, and absorbs sound, which makes a home friendlier to everyone. Plus, carpet is a low-maintenance flooring option. This article will discuss how much a carpet costs these days.

Typical Cost Of Carpet

The general price range of carpets is $4 to $33 per square yard.

This price includes the carpet alone. As per estimates, purchasing a carpet to cover a small room can mean a price range of $70 to $500 depending on the type of carpet being purchased.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Carpets

Material. The carpet material is one very big determinant of the cost of carpets. Wool, silk, and linen carpets are the more expensive options while polypropylene and acrylic are low-priced. Mid-range carpets are usually made from polyester and nylon materials.

Quality. The grade of the carpet can also affect the cost of the material. Check out this comparison of the cost of nylon carpets depending on its grade.




Apartment Grade

2-4 years


Builder Grade

4-8 years


Upgraded Residential

7-12 years


High Quality Residential

12-20 years


Manufacturer. Even if most manufacturers produce almost the same kinds of carpets in terms of quality, style, and material, they usually price their products differently. If you shop around, you will find out that some companies sell their carpets lower than others. This is true depending on the manufacturer’s geographical location, cost of production, and other factors.

Size of the room. Of course, the bigger your room is, the more carpet you need to cover it. This basically increases the cost of your purchase. However, in instances when you try buying carpets in bulk for a whole house or commercial space, chances are you will get good discounts on the price per square yard.

Additional Costs

Shipping of the purchased carpet is usually not included in the price of a carpet per square yard. This can be a small or big extra cost depending on how much carpet you purchased and how far you are from the carpet dealer.

The price quoted above involves the carpet alone. Take note that installation can add up to the cost of buying a carpet. Installation prices can start from $2 to $5 per square yard depending on the contractor, the shape of the room, and a lot of other factors. In line with installation, furniture handling and old carpet removal and disposal can also be an extra cost.

Padding is also necessary when installing carpets. Pad costs range from $1.75 to $5 per square yard.

Carpet maintenance is not much of an expense. However, still budget $0.50 to $1 per square yard on carpet maintenance per year. Maintenance may include cleaning and dusting.

how much does carpet cost
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Tips Before You Buy Carpets

Make an accurate measurement of the room you will be carpeting. Take note that it is essential that you measure it correctly so you do not end up with not enough or too much carpet for the project. If you need help, you can ask the guidance of a professional contractor to make the necessary measurements.

Go for good quality carpets that will last you a long time. It usually is impractical for you to buy cheap carpets and end up having to replace it after several years. Besides quality, you may want to check other details of the carpet such as its color. Always make sure to pick a carpet with a color that will complement the entire room.

Choose a good carpet dealer that can offer you a wide selection of styles, materials, and grades of carpets. A good carpet dealer must also help you towards picking the right carpet depending on your budget and your needs.

Check the warranty of the carpet you are purchasing. It is always practical to keep an eye on warranties so you can protect your flooring investment.

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