How Much Does It Cost To Build A Firepit

A firepit is a great outdoor addition because of a lot of reasons. It can work for bonfires or barbecues and even double as a heating system while enjoying chilly nights outdoors. Depending on your choice of firepit, this can be a little or a big investment on your part. Let’s find out today’s cost of firepits.

Typical Cost Of Building A Firepit

The cost of building a firepit depends on what kind of fire pit you want to install and how you do it.

Basic DIY wood/charcoal firepit: $20 to $50

Permanent DIY wood firepit: $100 to $600

Built-in DIY firepit: $500 to $2,000

Professional custom-designed built-in firepit: $3,000 to $15,000

Included In The Price Of Building A Firepit

For basic and built-in DIY wood fire pits, the price includes a kit that includes materials such as stones and steel fire ring. On the other hand, built-in DIY firepit kits include internal hardware for a gas firepit and usually stone or bricks.

For custom-designed firepits, the price includes materials and labor including planning, designing, installation, and warranties.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Building A Firepit

Type. With the prices quoted above, it is obvious that the type of firepit you choose greatly affects the price of the project. Simple and basic firepits tend to be cheaper while professionally-installed and custom-designed ones are very much expensive.

Contractor. For professionally-installed firepits, the contractors you choose affects pricing as well. This depends on the kind of firepit you are trying to get, the complexity of the design as well as the contractor’s reputation, skills, and geographical location. Doing the project in a DIY manner saves you from labor costs and lets you spend on materials only.

Additional Costs

Getting a safety screen for your firepit is needed if you have wood-burning pits. Depending on the size of the screen you need, this is usually $35 to $75 extra.

Getting extra accessories for your firepit can also be an added expense. Firewood racks and fire pokers are just some accessories you can consider.

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Tips Before You Decide To Build A Firepit

Find a nice and safe place to build the firepit. Make sure the area is not near things that are flammable and must be away from trees and shrubs.

Check out your local fire codes to see whether or not your selected area is in accordance with the local codes. In most areas, there is a minimum distance requirement between the house and the firepit before you will be given a go signal.

If you need professional contractors, make sure you find licensed and qualified contractors in your area. They know all safety regulations, and they can always promise you best results for a functional and aesthetic firepit in your landscape.

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