How Much Do Dress Alterations Cost

Did you find the perfect dress for you, but it doesn’t fit you perfectly? Don’t worry, an alteration can be your best approach towards making the dress fit, looking good, and finally taking advantage of your favorite dress. Dress alterations can be cheap or expensive depending on the type of job you want for the dress. So whether you have a prom dress, a wedding dress, or a casual dress that needs to be altered, find out how much this will cost you.

Typical Cost Of Dress Alterations

The usual cost of dress alterations is $20 to $100.

This price includes the fee for the seamstress in checking out what alterations are needed and finally doing the alteration.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Dress Alterations

Type of dress. A wedding dress is usually more expensive to alter as compared to prom or casual dresses. This is true because bridal dresses are more complicated in nature as compared to other kinds of dresses. Hemming a simple dress can be priced around $15 but hemming a wedding dress can run from $80 to as much as $200 especially for a multi-layered dress.

Type of alteration. The kind of alteration also determines prices. Hemming is usually a lot pricier as compared to other kinds of alterations such as shortening the sleeves, raising the shoulders, adding zippers, adding buttons, and the like.

Seamstress. Your choice of seamstress can also affect prices. Professional seamstresses working for a specialized company can price alterations higher as compared to seamstresses who are working at home. The geographical location also affects dress alteration prices.

Additional Costs

Buttons, fabrics, and other additions when altering a dress can be an extra cost. Seamstresses will usually charge you for these additions.

You may need the dress to be steamed or pressed after the alteration, especially if it is a wedding dress. This may be an extra cost of $40 to $90.

how much do dress alterations cost
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Tips Before You Alter A Dress

When you purchase the dress and you see the need for alteration, ask the store if they do alteration jobs. More often than not, alterations in the store where you purchased the dress from are a lot better because the store will do everything for you to make you happy with the purchase. And since they carry the dress, they have better knowledge of the dress as compared to other seamstresses. Plus, you’ll likely get good discounts here.

Submit your dress for alteration only to professional, efficient, and skilled seamstresses. You do not want the seamstress to ruin your precious dress instead of actually helping you look better wearing it.

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