How Much Do Shutters Cost

Shutters are not only aesthetic additions to any home. Both exterior and interior shutters do their part in providing not only style but a lot of other great offers to a house. For instance, exterior window shutters are known to offer privacy, promote energy savings, and even protect the home from weather disturbances. On the other hand, interior shutters work to block the sunlight from entering a room and even provide a better insulation to help no matter what the temperature is outside.

The Cost Of Shutters

Interior shutters cost from $20 to $700 per set.

Exterior shutters cost from $20 to $4,000 per set.

This estimate includes a pair of shutters as well as all installation hardware required. Some brands may offer a limited warranty for the shutters and other stores may even offer a free installation.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Shutters

Material. Shutters come in different kinds of materials. Vinyl is usually the least expensive material. A standard-sized vinyl interior shutter usually costs from $20 to $150 per pair. Shutters that are made of hardwood are typically on the more expensive end. In fact, hardwood interior shutters cost around $250 to $700 per pair. When speaking of exterior shutters on the other hand, standard-sized wooden or vinyl shutters cost around $20 to $200 per pair while hardwood and metal hurricane shutters can cost from $50 to $400 per pair.

Size. Depending on the size of window you have, you’ll need a particular size of shutter for you to install. Most shutters come in standard sizes or stock sizes. These shutters are usually cheaper as compared to custom-sized shutters. For instance, exterior shutters in stock sizes are around $20 to $200 per pair only while custom-sized ones can cost you from $50 to $350 per pair or even higher. The same principle applies with interior shutters.

Quality and brand. Designer exterior shutters are usually handcrafted and branded. Their quality in terms of materials and style is incomparable with other shutters in the market. However, designer shutters like this are the most expensive of all. Usually, you’ll get a pair for $600 to $4,000.

Design. Some window shutters are made different from basic ones. Others come with a style that can match even historical homes. Meanwhile, there are some motorized shutters that can be controlled by a switch or remote control. These shutters usually are on the more expensive end. For instance, motorized exterior window shutters start from $800 per pair.

Custom shutters. You can request an exterior or interior shutter to be designed the way you need it. You can request the type of material, style, and size of your preference. However, keep in mind that custom shutters are on the more expensive side as compared to shutters that come pre-made and ready to install.

Additional Costs

Installation hardware will often be an extra cost if those things are not included in your purchase. Hang strips cost $4 to $15 while mounting hardware costs $4 per set.

Professional installation will also be extra with the purchase of shutters. The cost can be around $25 per pair to install. If you plan to install shutters for each window at home, expect to pay $100 or even more.

If you have purchased the shutters online, expect to pay around $30 to $70 for shipping charges.

Shutter locks will cost $5 to $20 extra depending on the style and quality of lock you want. Locks keep the exterior shutters closed even with heavy wind and storms.

For exterior shutters, buying decorative hardware will cost around $8 to $25 each.

Tips Before You Install Shutters

Make an accurate measurement of your windows so you can get the right shutters. Also, take note of whether to get an exterior or interior shutter or both.

Know what kind of shutter will work best for your house. Will you be using it for decorative purposes alone or do you intend to use it for protecting your home from harsh weather. Take note to get the right material and design of shutter that will serve your needs best.

Shop around different stores for shutters. Look for designs that match your home’s interior or exterior finish. Also, look for the right size of shutter. If your window cannot accommodate standard stock sizes, you’ll likely spend on costlier custom-made shutters.

Check out magazines or websites for pictures of interior and exterior shutters. You’ll likely get a good idea on the kind of shutter you want for your home just through browsing shutter images.

Double check the reputation of the store you are getting the shutters from. Take note that the quality of the shutters they offer can usually be determined by their reputation and credibility in the market.

Find qualified professionals to install the shutter for you. A good installation is key towards an efficient shutter for both perfect styling and protection. If you are trying to save money, you can consider a DIY installation. However, make sure you are knowledgeable on the proper installation techniques to ensure a successful and efficient shutter installation.

As much as possible, get your window shutters from professional shops. You can call a company and their staff will visit your home to make measurements. They will then design and make the shutter perfect for your windows and then later deliver and install the shutters for you. Though you will end up paying more for this kind of approach, at least you can be certain that the shutters will be made and installed to perfection.

Different types Of Shutters

To help you choose the best shutter for your windows, take a look at the different kinds of shutters for your selection.

Exterior. Exterior shutters can be operable or fixed. The latter refers to shutters fixed on each side of the window and only serve as a decorative design. On the other hand, operable units can be closed or opened to offer functional benefits on top of being a decoration only.

Bahama Shutters


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As compared to other shutters, Bahama shutters are mounted on top of the window. Opening this shutter can be as easy as swinging it away from the window. This kind of shutter is best for homes in tropical regions as they provide good and quick window protection, especially when the winds are at their strongest.

Board-and-Batten Shutters

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These are slab-like window coverings that can best work both for temperate and tropical climates. The shutters are mounted on each side of the window and meet at the center once closed. Most board-and-batten shutters are based on colonial construction and oftentimes used to give the home a classic appeal.

Louvered Shutters

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Louvered shutters have a stack of adjustable slats that are usually housed in wooded frames. The slats can be adjusted to control the air flow to the house. Louvered shutters are installed on each side of the window and meets at the center when closed.

Panel Shutters

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These are side-mounted shutters and are made of solid wood. They are often made with raised panels or intricate molding to match exterior decorations.

Interior. There are basically just two types of interior shutters—the plantation and colonial or traditional. Interior shutters are mainly used inside the home instead of the exterior side of the windows. They can be used for decorative purposes as well as for controlling light and temperature inside the house. It can even be used to establish more privacy in a room.

Though with a more contemporary style, plantation shutters are the most common used design when speaking of interior shutters. When closed, plantation shutters can admit very little light, only a small amount of light that can break through the seams of the louvers.

Plantation Shutters


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These are thinner shutters as compared to the plantation ones. Once closed, they can admit slightly more light than its counterpart. However, because of the popularity of plantation shutters, colonial shutters have become hard to find in the market these days because more manufacturers are concentrating on the production of plantation shutters.

Traditional Shutters


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