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How Much Does Laparoscopy Cost

Laparoscopy is one form of a surgical procedure that aims to check the fallopian tube and ovary of a female to determine infertility problems. This procedure can determine problems in line with failed pregnancies including endometriotis, fibroid tumors, scar tissue, and other abnormalities. Usually, women who have failed to conceive after repeated attempts are advised to undergo this kind of procedure. Check our article on the cost of laparoscopy.

Typical Cost Of Laparoscopy

The cost of a laparoscopy procedure ranges from $1,500 to $5,000.

Included In The Price Of Laparoscopy

The price includes the surgeon’s fee, sedation or anesthesia, and the procedure itself in a clinic or office setting.

Consider These Factors

  • Hospital or clinic? Take note that the above quoted price of laparoscopy refers to a laparoscopy done in a clinic. If you want it done in a hospital, the price can go higher. The cost of a hospital laparoscopy can range from $5,000 to $15,000. The main advantage of a hospital laparoscopy is that once the doctor discovers problems during the procedure, a surgical repair can easily be done. If done in a clinic or office only, when this happens, the patient is usually required to go to a second procedure in a hospital setting. Further comparison of these two kinds of laparoscopy can be found at
  • Geographical location. Where is the clinic or hospital located? The geographical area can very well determine the price of the procedure.
  • Insurance. Most insurance plans cover laparoscopy. Hence, if you are insured, you pay almost nothing for laparoscopy. Talk with your insurance company regarding the coverage of this procedure.

Additional Costs

  • Recovery. The patient can feel mild to moderate pain for around seven days as a result of the procedure. The doctor can prescribe pain medications to help ease the recovery process.
  • Corrective surgical procedure. Corrective laparoscopy, when problems are seen during the procedure, can add up to your expenses here. This depends on what the problems are and a lot of other factors.
  • Complications. Though rare, complications can arise as a result of laparoscopy. This includes abdominal bleeding, infection, damage to various internal organs like the bladder and blood vessels, and the like. Check the to answer your other questions in line with laparoscopy complications. Treating any of these complications will cost you money as well.
  • Practitioner. As always, skilled and experienced practitioners charge higher as compared to those who are yet to build their reputation and credibility in the business.

Tips Before You Go For Laparoscopy

Only find qualified doctors or surgeons to perform the procedure for you. Take note that with the hands of reliable and experienced professionals, the chances of complications related to laparoscopy are minimized and the success of the procedure is almost guaranteed. Both the Society of Laparaendoscopic Surgeonsand the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons can help you find qualified practitioners near you.

Here are basic questions you have to ask the doctor before deciding whether he is the right one or not for the procedure.

Prepare for the procedure correctly. Discuss what things to do and not do with the practitioner prior to the scheduled day. also offers this very helpful information on preparing for a laparoscopy.

Know more about the procedure. Before finally deciding to go for laparoscopy, understand everything about this procedure. Ask your doctor all the questions you have in mind. Read more information on laparoscopy at and

How Much Does A Colonoscopy Cost

Is your doctor ordering a colonoscopy for you? Well, you might be dishearted at the thought, but you should definitely continue with the procedure, as it is important to discover any problem as fast as possible. A colonoscopy is a medical procedure that will examine your colon to determine the health condition of the large intestine. It can be ordered for reasons such as abdominal pain, anemia, blood in stool, and more importantly, to screen for colorectal cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, colonoscopy is one of the most powerful weapons for the prevention of colorectal cancer. They even add that 9 in 10 people whose cancer in the colon is discovered early will be alive five years later and most of them can have a normal life span. This article will give you an estimate on how much a colonoscopy cost to help you prepare your finances for this procedure.

Typical Cost Of A Colonoscopy

The average cost of colonoscopy is  $2,000 to $3,000.

Included In The Price Of Colonoscopy

The price includes the procedure including the use of the colonoscope, examination of the colon and rectum, sedation, and doctor’s fee. This can also include taking a sample for biopsy purposes in case the doctor finds something suspicious.

Consider These Factors

  • Health insurance. If you have insurance, paying for the colonoscopy will be cheap. Depending on the coverage, people usually pay from zero to $1,000. However, people without health insurance can oftentimes pay higher than $3,000.
  • Location. Where is the clinic or hospital located? The geographical location of the clinic can affect the price of colonoscopy. For instance, the price range in Chicago is $900 to $2,600 while the cost in Milwaukee can range only from $600 to $1,200.
  • Type of procedure. The price quoted above refers to the conventional colonoscopy procedure. Today, there is a virtual colonoscopy, which is much cheaper. Its price range is from $400 to $800. Virtual colonoscopy is a medical imaging procedure using computers and X-rays to analyze the colon and rectum as compared to the conventional one that inserts a flexible tube with a camera and light inside the rectum to get a good view of the insides of the colon. However, this kind of procedure is usually not covered by health insurance.
  • Anesthesia.  In most cases, the anesthesiologist bills his services separately. This may involve an additional fee of around $100 to $300.

Additional Costs

  • After-procedure examinations. In cases the colonoscopy has found something suspicious, examinations can be requested. The same is true if complications arise due to the procedure.
  • Polyps. Removal of polyps for biopsy can add up to the cost of colonoscopy. Polyps are growths in the colon and are often tested in the laboratory to check for signs of cancer. This is true because most colorectal cancer starts as a polyp.

Tips Before You Undergo Colonoscopy

Prepare for the colonoscopy following the right procedures. Ask your doctor for advice on what things to do and not do before the procedure. You can also check this fact sheet from the American Gastroenterological Association website about preparations for the procedure. You can also find here caring tips after the procedure.

Understand that though colonoscopy is a safe procedure, rare complications can happen. Check out to know more information about the risks of this procedure.

Make sure your doctor is a reliable and credible one. It is important that he is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. It also is necessary that he has good professional experience in dealing with the GI tract. Find qualified gastroenterologists near you through the Cancer Center website.

How Much Do Pregnancy Tests Cost

Do you think you are pregnant? Confirm your thoughts with pregnancy tests. You can do so by measuring the level of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the blood or urine. You can do this at home through home pregnancy test kits or at a hospital through a pregnancy blood test. Read on and find out how much do pregnancy tests cost today.

Typical Cost Of Pregnancy Tests

Urine Tests: $0.43 to $10
Blood Tests: $30 to $50

Included In The Price Of Pregnancy Tests

In case of urine tests, the price includes a pregnancy test strip, cassette, or kit for home use while in blood tests, the price includes doctor’s fee and lab work.

Consider These Factors

  • Kind of test. How do you want to test your pregnancy? If you want to do it at home, urine tests are cheaper. However, take note that a blood test may be more accurate in testing for pregnancy as compared to urine pregnancy tests. Plus, a lot of doctors will request for a blood pregnancy test even after you have tested your urine to make sure of accurate findings. Check out the American Pregnancy Association to find out the main difference between these two kinds of pregnancy tests.
  • Kit. When you are going for a urine test, take note that there are different kinds of home pregnancy test kits. The cheapest of all comes in the form of a strip, which costs only around $0.43 to $0.70. Test strips are dipped in the urine sample. Pregnancy cassettes, on the other hand, are slightly more expensive but are still less than $1 each. The price range is from $0.65 to $0.95. Cassettes include a dropper for collecting the exact amount of urine sample. Lastly, there are midstream pregnancy test kits that are priced around $4 to $10 per piece. Check out the difference of these pregnancy test kits at
  • Accuracy and efficiency. It should be noted that one of the advantages of blood tests over urine tests is that they can detect pregnancy as early as seven to 12 days from conception. Blood tests can also be used to track problems that arise in line with the pregnancy. But still, urine tests are 97 percent accurate.
  • Convenience. Obviously, urine tests are more convenient because they can be done at home.

Additional Costs

  • Shipping. Though most pregnancy test kits can be bought in local drugstores, if you choose to order online for cheaper kits, you may need to consider shipping fees.

Tips Before Getting A Pregnancy Test

Decide what kind of pregnancy test will be better for you. Learn more about pregnancy testing here.

Make sure that when you buy a test kit, you check for its expiration date. Expired test kits can give inaccurate readings.

Find pregnancy test kits that have gained the approval from FDA. You can use FDA’s Office of In Vitro Diagnostic Device Evaluation and Safety database to search for FDA-approved pregnancy test kits.

Educate yourself on how to interpret results, especially if you will be doing home pregnancy test kits. Visit the to help you with the results of your tests.

How Much Are Colored Contacts

There really is nothing wrong with ordinary contacts. However, it is good to know that there are colored contacts these days that you can use when you want to change the color of your eyes based on your moods or special occasions. But before you get over the top excited about this kind of contacts, understand how much are colored contacts first.

Colored contacts are generally more expensive than non-tinted contacts. This is because additional research and cost is needed to determine the best colors on high demand and to find methods to make the tints appear natural when worn. Plus, the tinting process adds up to the cost of production of colored contacts.

Typical Cost Of Colored Contacts

The average cost of colored contacts lies around $15 – $60 per month, depending on the type of your choice.

  • Daily Disposables are priced $20 to $30 for a box of 30 lenses, which means a monthly supply is priced at $40 to $60.
  • Two-week Disposables cost $22 to $30 for a box of six lenses, which makes a month supply around $15 – $20.
  • Monthly Disposables cost $50 to $70 for a box of six lenses, which makes the monthly cost $17 to $23.

Other kinds of colored contacts and their average price range are:

  • Two-Week Toric/Astigmatism Disposables ($50 to $70 for a box of six lenses)
  • Yearly Conventional Soft Lenses ($24 to $100 per lens)
  • Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses ($50 to $150 per lens)
  • Hybrid RGP/Soft Lenses ($150 to $250 per lens)

Included In The Price Of Colored Contacts

The price of colored contacts includes the contact lenses, packaging, and for non-disposable contacts, a preserving solution.

Consider These Factors

  • Astigmatism. There are colored contact lenses that can correct astigmatism problems and they are priced higher as compared to contacts for nearsightedness or farsightedness.
  • Special-effects. If you are going for colored contacts to create special effects for costume parties and theatrical performances, special-effect contact lenses must be used. These contacts are sold individually in glass vials where their price starts from $50 and can be more than $200 per lens.
  • Customized contacts. This kind of colored contact lenses are the most expensive of all kinds. This is true because they are individually hand-painted to fit the needs of the user. They are used as prosthetic lenses to mask deformed or scarred eyes. Usually, custom contacts are priced several hundred dollars per lens.
  • An eye exam is required when you plan to purchase colored contacts. This is not covered by the price of lenses in the first place. The average rate of an eye exam can be around 100 dollars. However, those with insurance coverage can get this for free.

Additional Costs

  • Contact lens fitting at a reputable clinic is also recommended in line with getting contacts. This is often not covered by insurance and its price can start from $25 to as much as $150.
  • The price of lenses usually does not include taxes and shipping fees.
  • Maintenance of non-disposable colored contacts can add up to your expenses. You need a reliable cleaning solution to help prevent chances of eye infection. The price range of a cleaning solution is $150 to $200 annually.
  • Get an eye exam before buying colored contacts.

Tips Before You Buy Colored Contacts

Choose the right colored contact for you. has a Find Your Look application that can help you choose the right color by dressing up a model who has the same eye color as yours., on the other hand, lists a complete line of information about color contacts including color options, disadvantages, and color choosing guide.

The American Optometric Association compares all kinds of colored contact lenses. Check out their site to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Make sure you purchase colored contacts from U.S. retailers that are approved by the FDA. Check out this list of FDA-approved lenses for sale in the United States.

How Much Does Velashape Cost

The Velashape is a product that claims to fight cellulite by means of bi-polar radiofrequency and infrared light energy. This energy would shrink the size of fat cells. The Velashape treatment supposedly makes the skin smoother and tighter, reducing cellulite dimples.

It has been featured on the Dr Phil show and was endorsed by Kim Kardashian. Velashape technology is invented / trademarked by a company called Syneron.

Typical Cost Of Velashape

Treatment with Velashape costs $200-400 per treatment.

On average, the total cost for the entire treatment period lies between $1500-$2000.

Some people see results after 3 treatments, while others use up to 10 treatments (and can still be disappointed with the results).

Included In The Price Of Velashape

Included in the price of a treatment is the initial consultation and the following treatment(s). Each treatment takes about 40 minutes.

Consider These Factors

The price of a Velashape treatment depends on the following factors:

  • how many treatment sessions you need
  • The amount of skin that needs to be treated
  • the location of your doctor

Additional Costs

Additional costs are for extra treatments. You can also opt for a package deal. Not everyone sees results. It is a difficult decision between quiting or continuing with more treatments in hope of seeing results.

Fat Cells
Photo by Christi Nielsen

Tips Before You Get Velashape  Treatment

Make sure you are a good candidate. Discuss this with other patients, such as on

Most places offer a discount package for multiple treatments.

If you dont see results, you can try asking for a partial refund or discount on future treatments. People have claimed to see results after more treatments (10). However, this is a judgment call on your part.

You still need to change your life style. It works best on people with a healthy BMI, diet, and work out regimen. You are also expected to drink a lot of water.

Results are not permanent. They last between 6 and 12 months.

You may experience a little bit of pain during treatment and redness after treatment.

You may only see results after a couple of treatments (4-10).

How Much Do Braces Cost Without Insurance

In order for your child to have good dental hygene and will not run into problems later in his or her life, it can be required to have braces. However, not everyone has insurance that covers the cost of braces. If you wonder how much braces cost without insurance, this article will try to give you some estimates.

Typical cost of braces

Braces without insurance cost around $3000-$7000


Included In The Price Of Braces

  • A consultation with an orthodontist
  • A number of treatments and checkups for as long as the braces are needed.
  • The braces themselves.

Consider These Factors

  • Geography. In rural areas, where your typical rent is low, the price of braces will also be on the lower end of our estimate range. However, when you live in an expensive city, where rent prices are high and there are many malpractice lawyers, you can expect the cost of braces without insurance to be at the higher end of our estimate.
  • Case. If the child is a difficult case in terms of his/her dental needs, the price will be at the higher end of the spectrum.

Additional Costs Of Braces

Your child may want to get special kinds of braces, in order feel confident about their ‘grill’. Available options will cost up to  $500 extra and include:

  • colored braces
  • glow in the dark braces
  • shaped braces
  • ceramic braces
  • gold-plated braces

Natasha Braces
Photo by Rubink1

Tips Before You Getting Braces

It is usually not possible to negotiate on the price of braces. However, you might get a discount when you can pay (a large part of) the fee upfront. If anything, it will keep the interest low on future installments.

If you are in the Medic Aid program, there might be a program that covers the cost of braces for your child, as dental services should be accounted for by the EPSDT program.

Dental college clinics will be cheaper, as dental students need to practise. There will be supervision by the professors or staff, so the quality might be just as good.

Consider traveling outside of the city to visit a dental clinic at a much lower cost.