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How Much Does It Cost To Go To Space

Almost every one of us has dreamt of going to space at one point in our lives. Science classes and movies have fueled our desires to go to space and thankfully, space tourism is already possible these days. Really, you do not need to be an astronaut to visit space and experience weightlessness and other enchanting stuff. Space tourism allows us to go to space as long as we have the money to pay for it. This article will cover the commonly-asked question about going to space—its actual cost.

Typical Cost Of Going To Space

The cost of going to space runs from $20M to $30M.

This price includes 7 to 15 days of space travel from a seat in a space shuttle, training, medical screening, and actual space exploration.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Going To Space

Type of space travel. Not all space travels are alike and the type of space travel you choose will determine prices. There is a cheaper alternative to the above-quoted space visit. It is the so-called suborbital flight costing around $200,000 for two and a half hours of space adventures.

Duration. The longer you wish to stay in space, the higher the cost of space travel will become. Say for example Dennis Tito, an American businessman who is the very first person to be a space tourist in 2001. The flight lasted eight days and he paid $20M. On the other hand, Richard Garriot who became a space tourist in 2008 paid around $30M for 12 days of space travel.

Space travel company. Your choice of company will also affect prices here. Two of the most popular space travel companies today are Virgin Galactic and XCOR Aerospace. Virgin Galactic seats are sold at $200,000 per person while the latter is charging $95,000 per person for a suborbital flight.

Additional Costs

A reservation fee is needed when you book a space flight with a company. For instance, to reserve a seat in Virgin Galactic, you need to pay a reservation fee of $20,000. Currently, there are more than 400 people in the company’s waitlist.

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Tips Before You Decide To Go To Space

Understand that there is a long list of people waiting for their time to go to space. Make a reservation as early as possible.

Make sure to deal only with a reliable and credible space travel company. The cost to go to space is too high so you do not want to be scammed here. Plus, a credible space travel company can assure you of a safe space flight.

Know whether the cost of space visit is worth it in your part or not. See to it that the money you will be spending here will be worth the satisfaction that you can get out of going to space.

Be prepared when going to space. Attend necessary trainings and give your full attention to them. Also, make sure you are medically-fit to go to space.

How Much Does It Cost To Travel The World

Traveling the world is a dream of a lot of people. However, not most of them get the chance to make their dreams possible. Usually, this is true because of the cost involved in travelling around the world. But for some, the money they spend is all worth it especially that it is in exchange for a great dream coming true. Find out how much it costs to travel the world today.

Typical Cost Of Travelling The World

The general price range of travelling around the world is $10 to $50 per day.

This price includes food, accommodation, transportation, entertainment, and some miscellaneous expenses like phone, Internet, guidebooks, souvenirs, clothes, and the like.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Travelling The World

Length of the trip. The number of days you want to spend travelling the world can greatly affect the overall cost of the trip. Shorter travel days will mean less expenses most of the time.

Destinations. Your chosen destinations can also affect the cost of a round-the-world travel. Take note that the cost of living varies from one country to another. If you pick European countries, you’ll likely spend $40 to $50 per day or even more. On the other hand, Asian countries can make the cost of the travel around $10 to $30 per day. In fact, in India, one can live a day there for around $8 only.

Your travel choices. How do you want your travel experience to be? Are you a simple backpacker who can stay in cheap hostels and eat local street foods or are you someone who needs to stay in first-class hotels or villas and only go for fine dining? Your options will basically determine what price range you are about to face on a per day basis no matter where your destination is. Besides this, your choices on transportation and entertainment can also be a big factor towards determining the cost of your travel around the world.

Additional Costs

The above-mentioned prices do not include airfares. Purchasing a round-the-world ticket can mean $1,000 or more depending on your choice of destinations. For some people who want to purchase air tickets as they go, the price can be higher.

Visas are also extra. This can mean $100 more or less depending on the country you are visiting.

Some countries will not let you in without required vaccinations. Vaccination costs can vary depending on what is needed and where you are.

Pre-travel expenses like purchasing travel backpack, shoes, clothing, camera, and the like can really add up to the cost of your round-the-world travel. Depending on what you have at home already, this can be cheap or expensive.

Expect to pay for foreign transaction fees if you are leaving some of your money in the bank and just withdrawing from an ATM once you need cash. Some banks may charge around three percent so make sure you prepare for this extra cost.

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Tips Before You Decide To Travel The World

Plan the trip beforehand. Make a very detailed itinerary in terms of your destinations and how long you plan to stay on each of them. This will help you estimate the total cost of your travel better.

Purchase RTW tickets instead of buying one on-the-go. If you pay as you go, this means you really are not certain when and where to go. Hence, you will for sure get a lot of surprises in terms of your finances since you cannot plan ahead of time.

If you want to make the trip cheaper, travel the world with a companion. You can easily split the cost of accommodation, for instance, and save a lot on your expenses.

Always make sure to budget more than what is really required. Chances are in some places, you will need to spend more than what you intend to.

Isle of Man Ferry Costs

Isle of Man lies in the Irish Sea between England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. It lies about 60 miles west of the coast of Lancashire.. If you want to take the ferry towards Isle of Man, you will need to buy a ferry ticket. The ferry to Isle of Man runs up to twice a day from Liverpool and the duration of travel is 2 1/2 hours. Alternatively, it also runs up to twice a day from Heysham, which takes 3 1/2 hours. The main ferry company is Steam Packet Company. Other locations, such as Douglas, Dublin, Belfast and Liverpool Birkenhead, run less frequently to Isle of Man.

Typical Cost Of the Isle of Man Ferry

the typical cost of a ferry return ticket by foot is £45-£60 p.p.

The typical cost of a ferry return ticket by car is £150-£300 for two people.

For a booking and current price, visit .

Included In The Price Of A Ferry Ticket

A ferry ticket includes the boarding of vehicles and the transportation between the departure and arrival location.

Consider These Factors

One way or return tickets. A one way ticket is about half the price of a return ticket for foot passengers. For car passengers the difference between one way and return is less (to non-existent!).

Number of passengers. If you are traveling with more passengers per vehicle, be prepared to pay an extra fee, usually equal to an extra foot-passenger.

Location of departure. There are ferries that connect with Isle of Man from Belfast, Dublin, Heysham, and Liverpool. On average, prices lie in the same price range. However, for specific dates it can save money to depart from either specific location.

Season. In holiday seasons, the price will naturally be quite a bit higher.

Vehicle. The cheapest option is to enter the ferry by foot. However, if you are planning on taking  a vehicle on the ferry, be prepared to pay extra for your ferry tickets. We ran a test for a two day trip from Heysham to Isle of Man for in October 2011 (4th-6th) for one person and got the following price quotes:

Foot £   45
Car £ 140
Motorcycle £ 100
Motorhome £ 165

Additional Costs

Accomodation type. During the ferry ride, you can make use of certain comfortable seating options. However, you need to make reservations on forehand, and pay extra for it. The available options are a Niarbyl Lounge seat, First Class seat, and a 4 person Berth Cabin.

Food and drinks. During your trip, there will be availability to buy food and drinks. Expect to pay restaurant prices.

Isle of Man Ferry Cost

Tips Before You Buy Isle of Man Ferry Tickets

Buy tickets a long time in advance. When you wait until the last moment, tickets are scarce. Thus, the price can be quite a bit higher when you buy your ferry ticket only a few days in advance.

Compare different departure locations. Although the prices between the different departure locations are about the same on average, there may be steep price differences on specific dates.

Choose a flexible date range. Certain days of the week can be much cheaper, so if you travel with a flexible schedule, chose the date that the prices are the cheapest.

You can get a deal at on a SailRail combination ticket of train and ferry. You can start from any train station in Britain to Douglas, and catch a ferry in Douglas to Isle of Man.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent An RV

There are many benefits to renting a recreational vehicle (RV) when traveling, compared to public transportation and checking in hotels along the way. RVs are low-cost, flexible, and convenient, especially when you are travelling with the whole family or with a group of people. Read on and find out how much it costs to rent an RV.

Typical Cost Of RV Rental

Motorized RV rental costs $70 to $150 per night.

Non-motorized RVs costs $50 to $175 a night for travel trailers and $50 to $90 a month for a camping trailer.

Included In The Price Of Renting An RV

The price includes the vehicle or trailer with all the basic equipment and furniture needed inside. This price refers to a typical RV size of 20 to 30 feet long or Class C RV.

Consider These Factors

  • Size. The size of the RV can determine the price of your rental. The bigger RV you need, the bigger the price can become.
  • Number of people. How many people will you be traveling with? An average 25-foot RV can sleep three adults and two kids. So the more people you travel with, the bigger the RV you need to rent.
  • Type. The price estimates refer to a Class C RV, which means a mini-motorhome. There are larger and more luxurious motorhomes but are priced definitely higher. They are called Class A motorhomes with a size starting from 21 feet to 40 feet. An average nightly rental is $150 to $350.
  • Amenities. The more amenities you can find inside an RV, the higher its rental price can become. Amenities like portable generator, bicycle rack, TV, DVD players, and camp chairs can be priced for an additional $5 to $50 per day.
  • Duration of travel. How long are you going to travel? Most RV rental companies will give you a good discount if you book for a one-week rental instead of shorter days and nights.
  • Other factors. Your location and the current season you rent an RV have a lot to do with the overall cost. Peak seasons may mean higher charges. Cheap rates, however, are available during the winter months.
  • Deposit. When you rent an RV, you usually have to pay for a deposit of around $200 to $500 or even more. This deposit is a form of security in the side of the company but is refundable when you return the RV in good condition and shape. Companies can charge for cleaning, empty fuel tank, and loaded waste system upon inspection after drop-off.

Additional Costs

  • Mileage fees. Companies usually charge 25 to 40 cents per mile as a mileage fee for class C rentals and 35 to 60 cents for a class A rental. If you go for non-motorized homes, you don’t have to pay for this kind of fee.
  • Insurance. Some rented RVs are not covered by insurance. If this is the case, it can mean an additional $15 to $50 per day.
  • Taxes. The quoted price of most RV rental companies usually does not include rental taxes and state taxes.
  • Fuel. Depending on the distance you want to travel and the type of RV you rent, fuel expenses are in. A Class A RV can average around eight to 10 miles per gallon (mpg) while a Class C RV can average 10 mpg. Calculate your expenses by multiplying the distance you want to travel and the current price of fuel per gallon. Check out this price estimate for a one-week RV rental of a Class C motorhome from the If you are renting a non-motorized home, the fuel expenses depend on the type of vehicle you will be towing it with.
  • Supplies. You need to prepare your own kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, and linens for the trip. Food is also a very big additional cost when traveling with an RV.
  • Parking. RV or campground parking lots can be an added cost for you, too. It costs around $10 to $15 a night. For free or less than $10 of RV parking across the U.S., check out this directory at

Tips Before You Decide To Rent An RV

Make sure you know what things to look for when renting an RV. Check out this very useful article from to make your vacation a comfortable, enjoyable, and affordable experience.

Plan for your road trip before you even rent an RV. Go on the details of the location, where to park for the night, what sights to visit, how long you want to be on the road, and how many people are in the trip. This will help you a lot when choosing the kind of RV to rent and get the best deal possible for you. Here’s how you can plan a successful RV vacation from Roadtrip America.

Deal only with trusted RV rental companies. CruiseAmerica and ElMonteRV are two of the most trusted companies you can deal with when renting an RV all over America. You can also find a good RV rental company through the Recreation Vehicle Rental Association (RVRA).

Choose the right RV to rent. The RVRA has listed all types of RVs available for rental and which one is best for you to choose depending on your needs.

Make sure you grab a written documentation of everything regarding the rental including mileage and rental rates, miscellaneous fees, and security deposit. Check out cancellation policies and the terms and conditions page.

Consider getting a one-way RV rental to save money. This means you don’t have to drive the RV back to its original location in exchange for a fee. You can simply grab a cheap plane ticket at your last destination and save both money and time. USA RV Rentals has waived one-way fees for pick-ups from November 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012 in 23 US cities.

How Much Will Gas Cost On My Trip

If you are planning a trip with your car, you have to plan a lot of things. Where you are going, what you should bring, and how much money you will need. One of the bigger cost factors for the average trip is gas. How much will gas cost on my trip? This article will help you come up with an accurate estimate for your fuel expenses.

Typical Cost Of Gas

In general, the cost of gas for a trip is the price of one gas unit divided with the number of miles your car gets to a gallon (MPG), times the number of miles you will drive. In formula:

Gas cost on a trip = Price(gallon) / MPG * Miles

Based on the 2010 averages* ($2.7 per gallon; 25 MPG for cars; and 20 MPG for a van/suv), this leads to the following average gas cost per mile:

 Gas Cost On A Trip (car)  = $0.108 per mile

Gas Cost On A Trip (van/suv) = $0.135 per mile

*estimates by

Depending on the number of miles your car gets to the gallon, The cost of gas on a trip can vary quite a bit. If you want to make a general estimate based on current gas prices, car type, and distance (city to city), you can use a fuel cost calculator tool at However, you need to make some adjustments to make it a better estimate, since there are more factors to consider. Those factors will be discussed below.

Included In The Price Of Gas

Included in the price of gas is….gas. But that includes taxes and duty.

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Consider These Factors That Affect The Cost Of Gas On Your Trip

  • Car type. Cars get different miles to the gallon. This is one of the most contributing factors to the gas cost on a trip. Some cars will get a little as 11.5 MPG (Bugatti Veyron) while others accomplish an astonishing 99 MPG (Nissan Leaf). Note however, the MPG that is measured by manufacturers is based on optimal conditions, and therefore good for comparison, but less accurate for calculations.
  • Weight. A Heavier car will use more gas than one that is less loaded. When you go on a trip, you will likely bring quite a bit of stuff with you, and maybe other persons. This all adds up to the weight of your vehicle, thus affecting your MPG.
  • Driving style. If you have an aggressive driving style, especially with fast accelerating, you will use more gas and thus have a lower MPG.
  • Type of road / city. On long roads, you can drive an even speed, whereas in the city you will make lots of stops for traffic lights and stop signs. On the other hand, the optimal speed for attaining the highest MPG lies around 50-60 mph. Going faster than this decreases your MPG exponentially.
  • Gas prices. Along the way you will have to fill up your gas tank. However, this might not necessarily be done at the cheapest gas station around. Especially when you don’t know the surroundings and know  where to find the cheapest gas in town. Furthermore, taxes vary per state and country, as well as the actual raw gas price. To find gas prices per state, visit

The best way to calculate your personal MPG is by using the mile counter in your dashboard, and adding up the number of gallons used over a period with enough driven miles (say a thousand). From full tank to full tank is the easiest. So, fill up your car completely and write down the number on the mile counter. Every time you fill up your tank, write down how many gallons you put in. Then, after a (few) thousand miles, fill up your tank for the last time and divide the number of miles driven (new number minus old number) by the total number of gallons used over that period. The result will be your personal MPG.

Additional Costs To A Trip

  • Although you might only be interested in the price of gas during your trip, dont forget that your actual cost per mile might be more.
  • Wear and tear on your car. Your car devalues over time due to age itself and wear and tear due to driving. This devalue over the years could be included in the cost per mile.
  • Possibility of tickets for speeding or parking.
  • Possibility of damage to you, your car, and others and their property.

Tips Before You Start Your Trip

Bring a jerry can so you can fill it up at a cheap gas station. Your car will be a bit heavier, so only fill it up to the point that you have enough (jerry can + gas tank) to reach the next cheap gas station.

Plan your route along cheap gas stations.

Bring your tire at the right pressure. This saves you gas.

Don’t use airconditioning. This uses a lot of gas!

Don’t open your windows as it lessens the aerodynamics of your car. However, if you get too hot and the internal car fans are not enough, open your (back)windows instead of using the air conditioning. This saves you gas.

Tips for driving more cost-efficient

  • Drive more efficiently
  • Keep your car in good shape
  • Plan and combine trips
  • If renting, choose a more efficient car