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Ball Joints Replacement Cost

The ball joints are very important components of a car’s suspension system. They are responsible for maintaining the connection between the steering and the front wheels. However, after some time, the ball joints may give up and calls for a replacement. This happens due to several reasons including constant wear and tear, lack of lubricants, and dirt.

The car will send signals once the ball joints may be in need of replacement. Signs may include unstable car steering, car shaking while driving, or noise from the front wheels. AA1Car.com discusses what ball joints are, how to inspect them, when to replace them, and a few ball replacement tips. To calculate the cost of replacing the ball joints, check out this article.

Typical Cost Of Ball Joints Replacement

The cost of a ball joint replacement can range from $500 to $1,100.

Included In The Price Of Ball Joints Replacement

The price includes four ball joints for the two wheels of the front suspension system. In some cases, the price can include the labor fees for the mechanic.

Consider These Factors

Labor. If you replace the ball joints yourself, you need not bother for the labor costs. You only have to buy four ball joints for your vehicle. The price of the four ball joints depends on the make and model of your vehicle. However, in most cases, the price of four ball joints can cost $500 to $600. On the other hand, if you want a professional mechanic to do it for you, the price can increase to $800 to $1,100.

Car make and model. Your car’s make, model, and year will more likely affect the price of the replacement. There are some car models that can be accessed easily, which means lesser time to complete the replacement. This makes replacement for these models less expensive. However, replacement for some high-end luxury vehicles can cost a lot higher.

Assembly. The above-mentioned price refers to a normal replacement of the ball joints. However, for other vehicles, the ball joints are connected to the control arm as one complete unit. Hence, you need to replace the whole unit, which can cost an average of $600.

Additional Costs

In some cases, vehicles may need a wheel alignment right after the ball joints replacement. This depends on the specifications of your car and is not true for all car models. A wheel alignment can cost around $60 to $100 extra.

If you are doing the replacement yourself, you need several tools such as a grease pump, jack, pickle fork, wire, drill machine, torque wrench, and hammer. If you don’t have a complete line of these tools, you may need to buy them yourself.
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Tips Before You Decide To Replace Ball Joints

If you are considering replacing the ball joints yourself, make sure to follow closely what is stated in the manual. Follow all specifications and procedures unique to your vehicle to ensure success. AutoMedia.com has this detailed instruction on how to replace ball joints.

If your vehicle needs an alignment, seek the services of a professional.

Go for standard and OEM products when replacing the ball joints. These parts perform a very important function so you want to get only the most appropriate one for your vehicle.

Choose a repair shop very wisely when replacing the ball joints. Choose based on the experience of the mechanics and the quality of the products they use. Autos.AOL.com can help you choose a decent repair shop to help you with the ball joints replacement.