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How Much Does It Cost To Declaw A Cat

Declawing a cat is a serious surgical procedure that can be performed on your pet. It is also considered a bit controversial. However, for some, this is one of few options in order to keep their pets from scratching their homes and furniture to pieces. If you are wondering how much it costs to declaw a cat, read on further.

Typical Cost Of Declawing A Cat

The typical cost of declawing a cat starts at $100 to $450

Included In The Price Of Declawing A Cat

The cost includes the surgical procedure, pain medications, antibiotics, hospital stay, and post-surgical examination.

Consider These Factors

  • Declawing method. There are three different methods of declawing that are used these days and each one of them varies in prices.
    • The cheapest of all is the Rescoe clipper with an average cost of $100. This is the fastest declawing procedure that involves chopping off the toes and the tips of the cat’s bones and then stitching the incision. However, there are risks involved in this procedure, such as risk of infection and re-growth of the claws.
    • The other method is the disarticulation procedure. Its average cost is $250. This is done by removing the bones where the claws grow. This is pricier because this is a more difficult procedure and it offers zero chances of the claw growing back.
    • The most advanced of all is the laser surgery, which starts from $200 to as much as $450. Laser beams are used to get rid of the bones where the claws grow. This is less painful in the part of your cat and offers less bleeding as well.
  • Area. Your geographical area can have a lot to say regarding the price of cat declawing.
  • Vet. An expert and skilled vet can charge higher than those who are still starting to learn about this procedure.

Additional Costs

  • Preliminary blood tests. The vet can ask for a preliminary blood test for your cat. This can mean an additional charge of $30 to $50.
  • Patch. Your cat can use a patch to release the pain medication given to him. It should be worn a few days after the procedure. A patch is priced $50 the most.

Tips Before You Decide to Declaw Your Cat

Find an experienced veterinarian to do the procedure for your cat. Since this is a very serious procedure, you must only trust an expert to guarantee success.

Take note that declawing a cat is inhumane in a lot of cultures. Therefore, understand that you cannot always find a vet who will do this for you. In some cases, a vet does not really offer declawing because of the serious pain it offers to the cat. Understand why declawing is considered an inhumane act at Declawing.com. Read this declawing information from the People of Ethical Treatment of Animals website, too.

It is true that a lot of vets do not declaw cats. Here is a list of veterinarians who do not declaw cats in U.S. and Canada from Declaw.com. This can help you determine whether your vet can offer this service or not.

Keep in mind that declawing must be only a last resort when speaking of the scratching problems of your cat. The American Veterinary Medical Association states that it must be done only if it is a medical necessity for the cat or if clawing can mean a potential medical risk to the owner.

TheCatSite.org lists humane alternatives to declawing.