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How Much Are Hamsters

Hamsters make very good pets. They are not only small but they are also on the minimal expense side. So if you want to keep a hamster as your pet, read on further and discover how much hamsters are.

Typical Cost Of Hamsters

The average cost of a hamster is $5 to $15.

Included In The Price Of Hamsters

The price includes a hamster and a box.

Consider These Factors

  • Breed. There are various breeds of hamsters available in most pet stores these days. The two most common ones are the Syrian hamster and the dwarf hamster. The latter is usually priced around $4 to $13 while Syrian hamsters are priced around $5 to $20. Another kind of hamster is the Robvorski breed, which can cost as much as $30. Check out Pet Care Education to know more on the different breeds of hamsters.
  • Age. It is best to get hamsters at the age of four to seven weeks. This is a good idea to encourage more time with your pet because hamsters can mature pretty quickly and their lifespan is only one to two years. Plus, old hamsters are more difficult to tame. But the older the hamster is, the cheaper it usually gets.
  • Sex. Do you want a male or female hamster? This can be decided depending on whether you want to have more hamsters in the long run or not. Also, when buying a female hamster, make sure it is not pregnant (unless you want more hamsters on the way) to bring you away from unexpected expenses of caring and feeding a lot of baby hamsters. Here’s how to recognize when a hamster is pregnant from eHow.com.

Additional Costs

  • Cage. Your hamster needs a cage as soon as he gets home. Small cages are priced around $18 while bigger ones can be over $100. A lot of hamster cages can fall between this price range depending on their sizes. You may also want to purchase other accessories such as hamster wheels, tubes and tunnels, ball, food dish, water bottle, sand bath, and toilet potty.
  • Chew toys. It is advisable for hamsters to chew so a good dental health can be maintained. These toys can also make your hamster happy. The price range of small chew toys for hamsters is $3 to $10.
  • Bedding. The bedding for your hamster can be free or can reach up to $20 depending on your choice. Shredded paper can be a cheap bedding option for hamsters. Just make sure the bedding is free from chemical coloring, dust, and dyes. Keep in mind that you have to change the bedding every time you clean the cage.
  • Food. The cost of hamster food usually ranges from $5 to $15 and lasts a month or more. This includes hamster food mixes available at pet stores and fresh vegetables, fruits, and nuts.
  • Vet check-up. Regular checkups are needed to keep your hamster healthy.

Tips Before You Decide to Buy Hamsters

Be prepared to own a hamster. Set up a clean cage, prepare foods, and know how to properly care for this kind of pet. Check out the Humane Society website to learn more about hamster care.

Consider all factors at home first prior to getting a hamster. Are you allergic to fur? If so, a hamster may not be a good idea. However, short-haired hamsters can be chosen instead of the long-haired ones.

Choose a healthy hamster to purchase. HamsterHideout.com tells us the signs of a healthy hamster.

Find a hamster to purchase from breeders. It is a better idea to purchase from breeders rather than pet stores because with breeders, you have a chance to know the history of the hamster. Here is a list of hamster breeders both in the U.S. and Canada.

Consider adopting a hamster from rescue homes or shelters. Here are some links to organizations from where you can adopt a hamster.