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How Much Are Hedgehogs

If you love having exotic pets, it may be time for you to get hedgehogs. However, take note that this pet is more expensive especially when compared to caring for mice, gerbils, and hamsters. Check our estimates on how much are hedgehogs today.

Typical Cost Of Hedgehogs

The average cost of hedgehogs is around $125 to $350.

Included In The Price Of Hedgehogs

The price includes a hedgehog, pet carrier, food, and blanket. It also comes with a health certificate.

Consider These Factors

  • Sex. Female hedgehogs are more expensive than males simply because there are fewer females in the population. Usually, a female hedgehog is $25 more expensive than a male of the same kind.
  • Color. The base colors of the hedgehog can affect the price of the pet. Algerian Black and Salt & Pepper varieties have great colors, which make them the most expensive on the pack. Their price can go to the maximum of $350. Those in the cheaper end of the price range are hedgehogs with the following colors: albino, white, brown, and chocolate.
  • Pattern. The pattern of the hedgehog spines can affect the cost of the pet. Some patterns to choose from are snowflake, high snowflake, white, double white, high pinto, and reverse pinto. Hedgehogs with a snowflake pattern have a price range of $200 to $350 while those with high snowflake pattern range from $225 to $275.
  • Facial markings. Marks on the face of the hedgehogs can make a pet unique. However, these facial marks can increase the cost of a hedgehog. Check out DreamFlowerMeadows.com for a complete list of hedgehogs, pictures, and prices depending on their pattern, color, and facial markings.
  • Cage. Your hedgehog needs a cage that is at least two square feet in size. Cages available in the market can range from $60 to $160.

Additional Costs

  • Cage accessories. The cage needs a hiding spot for the hedgehog, which can mean boxes or plastic igloos. Used boxes will cost you nothing but plastic igloos can be around $15 to $20. Another accessory that the hedgehog needs is a wheel to provide your pet with efficient exercise. A wheel can cost around $25. Other accessories you may need are bedding, litter box, toys, water bottle, and scale.
  • Food. It is very important that you feed your pet to meet his nutritional requirements. A cat food is one good option for hedgehogs. A small bag of cat food can be purchased at around $15.
  • Professional fees. A visit to the vet may be required as you care for you hedgehog. A vet visit can mean an additional $30 to $60.
  • Find USDA-licensed breeders to ensure your pet is cultured properly. Here is a directory of hedgehog breeders you can contact in the U.S. from Hedgehog Central.

Tips Before You Decide to Buy Hedgehogs

Know everything there is to know about hedgehog care. Being ready in terms of getting a hedgehog as a pet can mean a lot to your relationship with your pet. Check out HedgehogWorld.com or HedgehogValley.com to learn all there is to know about owning and caring for a hedgehog. You can also check this brochure on basic hedgehog care. This Hedgehog Encyclopedia can also help answer your questions about hedgehogs.

Find a good veterinarian in your area that deals with hedgehogs. It will always pay to be ready in case your hedgehog needs medical attention. Check out Hedgehog Welfare to find hedgehog veterinarians you can trust in your area.

Adopt a hedgehog from animal shelters to give home to exotic pets. Petfinder.com lists all hedgehogs available for adoption.