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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Limo

Nothing beats the luxury, style, and comfort of arriving at a place or an event riding a limo. Whether it is for your wedding or prom, going to the airport, or attending a big event, getting a limo to drive you to your destination can mean a lot of thing. To help you know the costs involved in renting a limousine, read on further.

Typical Cost Of A Limo Rental

The usual cost of a limousine rental starts from $65 to $300 per hour.

The price includes not only the limo rental but also the driver’s fee and fuel for a complete hour.

Factors That Affect The Price Of A Limo Rental

Type of limo. The size and type of the limo you want to rent can affect the cost of hourly rental. For instance, a standard limo that can sit six persons can be rented for $65 to $100 per hour. However, eight to 30 passenger limousines can cost from $100 to $300. Classic and vintage vehicles like the Rolls Royce can also be priced more expensively. Cadillac, Hummer, and Chrysler 300 are more expensive options as well than a Lincoln limo. Limos.com has a pricing and vehicle guide for your limo rental needs. It gives you an estimate on the cost of a limo rental per person per hour depending on the type of limo you choose.

Rental package. There are companies that price limo rental not on a per hour basis but on a per event basis. For instance, for a wedding or prom, the rental of a six to eight passenger limo from four to six hours can cost $400 to $600. More luxurious and larger limousines in the same package can start from $800.

Luxury options. Getting a limo with a mini bar, video screen, and leather interior definitely costs higher. More often than not, the more luxury options are incorporated in the limo, the more expensive the rental cost becomes. A Just Married sign, balloons, flowers, and red carpet for a wedding limo rental package can make the rental fee higher as compared to a basic limo rental.

Rental company. Rental companies charge differently most of the time. This mostly depends on the area where the company is located and the condition and type of limousines available for rental.

Additional Costs

Mileage fee. This applies when you ride around and pick up guests from one location to another. This does not apply, however, when you will be dropped off at one location and then picked up at the same location later. The mileage fee can vary from one limo rental company to another. Most of the time, this fee can range from $15 to $30 per stop.

Gratuity. The driver’s tip is usually not included in the price of the rental though some companies charge it automatically on your bills. Usually, a gratuity of 18 to 20 percent of the total limo rental cost is rightly deserved by the driver.

Fuel surcharge. In times that the price of fuel is high, some companies may add a fuel surcharge, especially for longer fees. This may mean a five to 10 percent fuel surcharge.

Overtime charges. If you reserve a limo for four hours and you unexpectedly went overtime, the company charges you for an overtime fee. This fee is usually higher than the standard hourly limo rental rate. Overtime charges can start from $130 to $300 per hour.

Foods and beverages. Requesting for foods and beverages stocked in the limo can mean extra charges as well. The price depends on your choice of foods and beverages.

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Tips Before You Rent A Limo

Know what your needs in a limo are depending on the type of occasion, the number of people, and the number of hours you need the vehicle. This will help you pick the right limo to rent. Take note that the more details you can tell the limo rental company, the better your chances are of getting the best limo, service, and value for your money. Moreover, when renting a limo, remember that you are trying to get the best luxury and comfort possible that your money can afford. Hence, it is ideal to choose a limo that is two sizes larger than the number of people you are expecting to be with you. Limos.com has a planning guide to help you choose the best deal for your limo rental needs.

Rent a limo in a per package basis. This will save you more in the long run especially if you plan to rent the vehicle for longer hours. Plus, a package usually includes everything you need for the occasion such as decorations for a wedding limo rental.

Book the rental early. Some people book a year in advance for wedding limos and a few months in advance for other events such as proms. To ensure you get the limo you want, it will always pay to be early.

Make sure that the rental company you choose will look out for your safety all the time. The best limo rental companies are those registered with your state, have licenses, and offers insurance. Check the licensing and insurance credentials of the company before hiring them. The National Limousine Association maintains a database of companies that you can trust near your location. Check with the Better Business Bureau as well to ensure whether a limousine service can be trusted or not.

When you are booking for a limo reservation, have a copy of the confirmation in writing. Make sure the details of your request are detailed in the documentation. A week before the schedule, contact the limo rental company to ensure your reservation.

The Limo Quoter can give you a price estimate of your limo rental needs based on your location, type of service, and number of passengers. You can also use their directory to find limo service providers in your area for different purposes.