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How Much Does It Cost To Rebuild A Transmission

A car’s transmission system plays a very important role in the car’s performance. However, the transmission system is an expensive auto part. So when problems arise with the transmission, replacement is expected to cost a lot.

A lot of car owners have an alternative when facing transmission problems. Instead of replacing the whole system, rebuilding the transmission can be done in order to save on the cost of car repair. Rebuilding a transmission simply replaces worn out parts and not the entire transmission system, which make the whole thing cheaper. Read on and find out the costs involved in rebuilding a car’s transmission today.

Typical Cost Of Rebuilding A Transmission

The cost of rebuilding a transmission starts from $150 to $1,500 for DIY jobs.

The cost of professional rebuilding of transmission is $1,000 to $3,000.

For DIY jobs, the price includes a transmission rebuild kit with a collection of transmission spare parts and manuals. On the other hand, professional rebuilding of transmission involves professional fees for repairing the damage, cost of replacement spare parts, and limited warranty.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Rebuilding A Transmission

Type of transmission system. The cost of rebuilding a transmission varies depending on whether the system is manual or automatic. Manual transmission rebuild costs less than automatic transmission rebuild.

Extent of damage. The more parts that need to be replaced in the transmission system, the higher the cost of rebuilding the transmission can become. For instance, if only some springs and bolts need replacement, you can basically purchase these parts separately. If more parts need replacement, you have to purchase transmission rebuild kits that can run up to $1,500 depending on the kind of vehicle you have.

Type of vehicle. Depending on your vehicle’s make and model, this project can go cheaper or more expensive. This is because spare parts are priced differently depending on the model of the vehicle.

Choice of kits. DIY transmission rebuild kits cost $150 to $1,500. The price varies depending on the number of spare parts and equipment that comes with your choice of kit.

Contractor. The cost of a transmission rebuild also varies from one contractor to another. Some auto repair shops price higher depending on the competition, their expertise, and geographical location. On the other hand, doing the job yourself can make the cost of this project very low.

Additional Costs

When rebuilding an automatic transmission system, it requires replacement of the transmission fluid. This can cost anywhere between $100 and $250.

Shipping of DIY transmission kits can be an added cost as well. This is especially true for online orders.

 how much does it cost to rebuild the transmission
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Tips Before You Decide To Rebuild A Transmission

Decide whether you can do the job yourself or not. A good knowledge on the car’s transmission system is generally important before you decide to do the replacement yourself. Most of the time, even when the professional transmission rebuilding costs are higher than a DIY job, the extra cost is worth it in exchange for a good quality job, let aside the time you save yourself.

When you are looking for auto shops to do the job for you, get free estimates first from various shops near you. This is not just for the sake of finding the cheapest shop but to find a good one with a decent kind of service at the best deal possible. Keep in mind that you are rebuilding the transmission to save money but this does not mean you have to settle with junk services.

Make sure that the transmission rebuild project comes with a warranty. Decent auto shops offer up to two years warranty when rebuilding a transmission.