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How Much Does It Cost To Spay A Dog

There are a lot of benefits to spaying your dog. The most important, perhaps, is that spaying female dogs can help them live longer and healthier. This is true especially with the fact that spaying can lessen the risk of dogs getting tumors in the mammary glands, ovary, and uterus. Besides this, spaying can reduce the number of unwanted puppies since spaying stops the heat cycles of your dog. Plus, it reduces the dog’s desire to roam around, making every day living a peaceful experience between you and your pet. Read on and find out how much spaying will cost you today.

Typical Cost Of Spaying A Dog

The cost of spaying a dog is $100 to $300.

Included In The Price Of Spaying A Dog

The price includes checkups, anesthetic, surgery, overnight hospitalizations, medications, and stitch removals.

Consider These Factors

Heat cycle. Your dog’s heat cycle can affect the price of the procedure. If your dog is in heat, the cost will be higher usually because swelling is in the picture and so the surgery becomes a little bit complicated. The same is true for spaying a pregnant dog. Spaying a dog in heat may mean an additional $25 while spaying pregnant dogs usually cost $50 to $125 more.

Weight. Your dog’s weight and size can also have a lot to do with the overall cost of spaying. More often than not, vets ask for a higher fee for heavier dogs.

Age. If your dog is over the age of five, the price can go higher. This is because they require pre-anesthetic blood work and there are a lot of risks of complications.

Location of surgery. It is to be noted that the above-quoted price is for traditional spaying surgery in a private animal clinic. There are a lot of spay programs available that can make the whole procedure around $15 to $25 only. In some cases, you can even get the procedure for free.

Type of surgery. Traditional spaying surgery can be a lot cheaper as compared to the more advanced laser surgery for spaying a dog today. The laser procedure can cost around $150 to $500. This procedure uses laser beams for the operation, which can mean a less painful experience for your dog and less chances of infections and complications after the surgery.

Additional Costs

Pain medications usually add up to the cost of spaying a dog. Even though a lot of clinics offer pain injections, these are often not enough to help with the recovery process. Hence, you must pay for additional pain medications to get your dog through the spaying procedure.

Some vets may require to do a blood test on your dog before submitting her to spaying. This is often a requirement that can help prevent complications as a result of spaying. However, a blood test may add $50 more to the total spaying cost.

Tips Before You Decide to Spay A Dog

It is very important that you locate a reliable clinic or vet that will do the procedure for your pet. You do not want to trust your pet to an unreliable and inefficient vet, of course. You can use SpayUSA.org to locate credible clinics near your area.

To help you decide on the right vet for your dog, check this article from DogTime.com. Take note that it is very important to have the right vet to ensure the safety of your dog at all times.

Learn more about spaying your dog including its benefits, risks, recovery, and the like. The American Veterinary Medical Association has a huge collection of information about spaying in general.

There are affordable spaying programs that you can take advantage of these days. Some programs will mean a free service while others may mean a reduced spaying price. Use these links to help you find good and affordable spay programs: SpayUSa.org, ASPCA.org, and NeuterSpay.org.

How Much Does It Cost To Neuter A Dog

Dog overpopulation is a current problem that must be confronted. For responsible dog owners, the solution to this problem is neutering their dogs. In case of female dogs, the process is called spaying. Neutering/spaying is a process that involves the removal of testicles in male dogs and ovaries and uterus in females. This surgical procedure is not only beneficial for controlling dog population but also to improve the pet’s health and behavior.

The best time to neuter or spay a dog is when it is 6 to 10 months old. But before you submit your dog to this procedure, it is important for you to know how much it costs to neuter a dog.

Typical Cost Of Neutering A Dog

The average cost of neutering a dog is around $50 to $170.

Some towns and cities have special neutering programs for dogs, which can make the price of neutering a lot lower. In programs like this, neutering or spaying a dog can only be priced around $15-$25. Private animal clinics, on the other hand, can make the price start at $150 to $300.

Included In The Price Of Neutering A Dog

The price of neutering or spaying a dog usually includes the following:

  • pre-neuter checkup
  • sedation
  • hospitalization
  • general anesthetic
  • surgical procedure
  • post-operative care
  • pain relief injections
  • antibiotic injections
  • post operative checkup
  • stitch removal (if needed)

Consider These Factors

The cost of neutering or spaying a dog can be affected by several factors:

  • Size and weight of the dog. The bigger your dog is, the higher the cost can become. This is because of the anesthesia costs. The bigger the body is, the more shots it requires to ensure the best anesthetic effects. Also, bigger dogs are a lot harder to control than bigger ones during the procedure.
  • Geographic location of the clinic. Some clinics charge higher than others due to geographic locations. Areas with fewer vets practicing the procedure can price the surgery higher.
  • Age. The older your dog is, the higher the neutering cost is. This is because more complications can arise when neutering older dogs.
  • Dog breed. The price can also increase depending on your dog’s breed as some breeds may require a special procedure. This is because some breeds can die of bleeding if they are not given a special neutering procedure.
  • Kind of procedure. The quoted average cost of neutering or spaying refers to traditional surgery. However, today, laser surgery is already available for this purpose. If you choose to submit your dog to this procedure instead of the conventional one, the cost can range from $150 to 500. This new technology is usually a better option because it is less painful than the traditional surgical method as well as decreases the chances of infections after the operation.

Additional Costs

  • A dog that is in heat or obese can mean an extra pay during neutering or spaying. Vets performing the procedure can charge around $25 to $50 for situations like this.
  • If your dog is pregnant, the cost can increase too. Vets ask for an extra $50 or more for spaying procedures on pregnant dogs.
  • After care for the dog can add more to the cost as well. This is true especially for additional pain medications for your pet.
  • Blood tests prior to the surgery may also be requested by the vet to help prevent any kind of complication with regards to the procedure. This may cost you up to $50 extra.

Tips Before You Decide to Have your Dog Neutered or Spayed

Make sure to find a vet that is board certified to perform this kind of procedure. This is very important for the safety of your pet. Go to SpayUSA.org to locate a reliable clinic.

For affordable neutering or spaying prices, go to animal shelters or organizations near you. Through their subsidies, they can offer the procedure for less the price at around $50 or less. You may even find volunteer students that will do this procedure for free. However, take note to always remember the reliability and qualifications of whoever will be performing the procedure to your dog. ASPCA.org has an online database for low cost neuter programs all over the country.

Some areas may require pit bulls to be neutered according to their laws. This means that in these areas, you can get your pit bull neutered for free. Check out PBRC.net to find free and low cost programs for spaying or neutering pit bulls.