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How Much Does It Cost To Host A Website

Web hosting allows people to access your website in the Internet. So without a web host, your site will be of no use. Today, there are a lot of web hosting companies that you can choose from, each of them offering different prices. Check out this article to find out the general price range of hosting a website today.

Typical Cost Of Hosting A Website

Web hosting prices vary depending on the kind of hosting you choose.

Free web hosting: $0

Shared hosting: $1 to $40 a month

Dedicated hosting: $100 to $300 and up

The inclusions in the prices are reflected in this table:



  • Web hosting is free but every page of the website has a banner ad at the top of every page.
  • Your website address is expected to be a sub-domain of the web hosting company’s address (will not usually let you use your own independent domain name). 



  • This is a type of web hosting where a lot of websites share a server.
  • This gives you a small amount of disk space and a limited amount of bandwidth.
  • This gives you email addresses, too.



  • You pay for a whole service that is dedicated only to your website.
  • This gives you more freedom and allows you to host a lot of websites of your own as this gives you a lot of disk space and bandwidth.
  • This kind of hosting is best for websites that get a lot of visitors (more than a thousand a day).
  • This gives you email addresses as well.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Hosting A Website

Besides the type of web hosting, prices may vary depending on other factors such as the following:

Reliability. For shared hosting, the prices start from $1 to $40. You can expect your web hosting to be on the higher end of the spectrum if you choose more reliable web hosts and packages that guarantee a certain percentage of uptime (e.g. 99.9%).

Disk space and bandwidth. The type of package you get also determines prices. The more disk space and bandwidth you get out of a web hosting service, the higher the price usually goes. Normally, you can easily upgrade to a higher package, so it is advised to start out with a smaller package.

Features. If you need databases and server side scripting for your website, chances are web hosting fees will be higher for you. Usually, this must not be a worry for you if you have a small website.

Additional Costs

Some web hosting companies charge you extra if your website receives more traffic than what your monthly bandwidth limit is.

how much does it cost to host a website
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Tips Before You Decide To Host A Website

Know your needs first in a web hosting service. Analyze your needs including bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, and the like. Knowing your needs will help you find a good web hosting service that will answer all your needs for you.

Pick a web hosting company that is reputable and reliable. You can check out reviews in the Internet of various web host companies you can choose from.

Pick a web hosting service that will give you easy access to support such as phone or email support (24 hours a day). This is especially true if you have a large and very active website.

Choose a web hosting plan that will answer all of your needs. You may want to compare various plans from different providers to check out the one that will offer you and your website the best services at a price that is ideal for you. Of course, you will not want to pay for a plan that is way too much than what your actual needs are.