How Much Does A Colonoscopy Cost

Is your doctor ordering a colonoscopy for you? Well, you might be dishearted at the thought, but you should definitely continue with the procedure, as it is important to discover any problem as fast as possible. A colonoscopy is a medical procedure that will examine your colon to determine the health condition of the large intestine. It can be ordered for reasons such as abdominal pain, anemia, blood in stool, and more importantly, to screen for colorectal cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, colonoscopy is one of the most powerful weapons for the prevention of colorectal cancer. They even add that 9 in 10 people whose cancer in the colon is discovered early will be alive five years later and most of them can have a normal life span. This article will give you an estimate on how much a colonoscopy cost to help you prepare your finances for this procedure.

Typical Cost Of A Colonoscopy

The average cost of colonoscopy is  $2,000 to $3,000.

Included In The Price Of Colonoscopy

The price includes the procedure including the use of the colonoscope, examination of the colon and rectum, sedation, and doctor’s fee. This can also include taking a sample for biopsy purposes in case the doctor finds something suspicious.

Consider These Factors

  • Health insurance. If you have insurance, paying for the colonoscopy will be cheap. Depending on the coverage, people usually pay from zero to $1,000. However, people without health insurance can oftentimes pay higher than $3,000.
  • Location. Where is the clinic or hospital located? The geographical location of the clinic can affect the price of colonoscopy. For instance, the price range in Chicago is $900 to $2,600 while the cost in Milwaukee can range only from $600 to $1,200.
  • Type of procedure. The price quoted above refers to the conventional colonoscopy procedure. Today, there is a virtual colonoscopy, which is much cheaper. Its price range is from $400 to $800. Virtual colonoscopy is a medical imaging procedure using computers and X-rays to analyze the colon and rectum as compared to the conventional one that inserts a flexible tube with a camera and light inside the rectum to get a good view of the insides of the colon. However, this kind of procedure is usually not covered by health insurance.
  • Anesthesia.  In most cases, the anesthesiologist bills his services separately. This may involve an additional fee of around $100 to $300.

Additional Costs

  • After-procedure examinations. In cases the colonoscopy has found something suspicious, examinations can be requested. The same is true if complications arise due to the procedure.
  • Polyps. Removal of polyps for biopsy can add up to the cost of colonoscopy. Polyps are growths in the colon and are often tested in the laboratory to check for signs of cancer. This is true because most colorectal cancer starts as a polyp.

Tips Before You Undergo Colonoscopy

Prepare for the colonoscopy following the right procedures. Ask your doctor for advice on what things to do and not do before the procedure. You can also check this fact sheet from the American Gastroenterological Association website about preparations for the procedure. You can also find here caring tips after the procedure.

Understand that though colonoscopy is a safe procedure, rare complications can happen. Check out to know more information about the risks of this procedure.

Make sure your doctor is a reliable and credible one. It is important that he is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. It also is necessary that he has good professional experience in dealing with the GI tract. Find qualified gastroenterologists near you through the Cancer Center website.

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