How Much Does Paint Cost

Are you in need of paint for your home projects? Don’t worry, there are a lot of paints available for your selection in the market these days. However, you must take note that the cost of paint varies most of the time. Usually, it depends on the amount, the type, the brand, and several other factors.

Typical Cost Of Paint

The cost of paint ranges from $10 to $120 per gallon.

Depending on the store, the price includes a gallon of paint, sales tax, wooden stirrer, and free mixing.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Paint

Type. The type of paint basically has a lot to say when speaking of the price on a per gallon basis. Here are the common types of paint and how much they usually cost per gallon.

  • Faux and decorative paint ($12 to $50)
  • Interior paint ($10 to $75)
  • Exterior paint ($30 to $100)
  • Marine paint ($30 to $75)
  • Waterproofing paint ($20 to $115)
  • Car Paint ($30 to $120)

Each type of paint can work for specific purposes. Hence, the type of project you do will not only affect your expenses when buying paint but also the overall cost of the paint job. For instance, since car paint is usually more expensive than interior paints, the cost to paint a room can be more often cheaper as compared to the cost of painting a car.

Gloss. Paints can be categorized as high gloss, semi-gloss, eggshell, satin, low sheen, and flat. Depending on your choice of gloss, the price per gallon varies. For instance, a flat paint is the cheapest while high gloss paint can definitely cost more.

Quantity. Paint is usually sold in quarts, gallons, and five-gallon quantities. Though the price of a one-quart paint can is cheaper, you actually save more when you buy paint in large quantities. For instance, one five-gallon paint will cost less than five different one-gallon paint cans.

Quality. The quality of the paint will also reflect on the price of each can. A high quality paint that lasts a long time is definitely more expensive than low quality paints. When buying paint, it is always better to buy high quality paints not only because they last long but because they require only one stroke to give a surface its color. This will definitely save you some money in the long run.

Specialty house paints. This type of paint can be more expensive as compared to usual paints in the market. Some specialty house paints include elastomeric, direct to metal, epoxy, urethane floor enamels, and old-fashioned paints. All these paints can serve different purposes for your project. For instance, the elastomeric paint has rubber-like quality and is best for surfaces with small cracks. This kind of specialty paint can cost 50 percent more than standard paints.

Brand. The price of paint per gallon is also affected by its brand name. Some manufacturers price their products cheaply while others price higher. Check out the most popular paint brands in America and a quick review of each of them from

Additional Costs

Buying a can of paint always means a paint job along the way. Hence, painting supplies are necessary and become additional expenses. Supplies include a brush, tarp, and mask, which can all run from $20 to $100 extra.

If you will not be doing the painting job yourself, you may need to pay for labor fees.

how much does paint cost
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Tips Before You Buy Paint

Know what kind of paint is appropriate for the project in hand. This includes the type of paint and the color as well. This will help you be guided when you begin to shop for paints already. Besides, this, you must estimate how much paint you need for the project. A gallon of paint usually covers a 350-square feet surface. teaches you how to estimate the amount of paint necessary for a project.

Buy paints at trusted stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Benjamin Moore. Home Depot’s website also guides you in choosing paints from the best brands as well as choosing the right color for your project.

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