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How Much Do Dress Alterations Cost

Did you find the perfect dress for you, but it doesn’t fit you perfectly? Don’t worry, an alteration can be your best approach towards making the dress fit, looking good, and finally taking advantage of your favorite dress. Dress alterations can be cheap or expensive depending on the type of job you want for the dress. So whether you have a prom dress, a wedding dress, or a casual dress that needs to be altered, find out how much this will cost you.

Typical Cost Of Dress Alterations

The usual cost of dress alterations is $20 to $100.

This price includes the fee for the seamstress in checking out what alterations are needed and finally doing the alteration.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Dress Alterations

Type of dress. A wedding dress is usually more expensive to alter as compared to prom or casual dresses. This is true because bridal dresses are more complicated in nature as compared to other kinds of dresses. Hemming a simple dress can be priced around $15 but hemming a wedding dress can run from $80 to as much as $200 especially for a multi-layered dress.

Type of alteration. The kind of alteration also determines prices. Hemming is usually a lot pricier as compared to other kinds of alterations such as shortening the sleeves, raising the shoulders, adding zippers, adding buttons, and the like.

Seamstress. Your choice of seamstress can also affect prices. Professional seamstresses working for a specialized company can price alterations higher as compared to seamstresses who are working at home. The geographical location also affects dress alteration prices.

Additional Costs

Buttons, fabrics, and other additions when altering a dress can be an extra cost. Seamstresses will usually charge you for these additions.

You may need the dress to be steamed or pressed after the alteration, especially if it is a wedding dress. This may be an extra cost of $40 to $90.

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Tips Before You Alter A Dress

When you purchase the dress and you see the need for alteration, ask the store if they do alteration jobs. More often than not, alterations in the store where you purchased the dress from are a lot better because the store will do everything for you to make you happy with the purchase. And since they carry the dress, they have better knowledge of the dress as compared to other seamstresses. Plus, you’ll likely get good discounts here.

Submit your dress for alteration only to professional, efficient, and skilled seamstresses. You do not want the seamstress to ruin your precious dress instead of actually helping you look better wearing it.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Divorce

Getting a divorce is not an easy decision. The emotional aspect of a divorce alone can really take over during the decision-making process. Add this up to the financial matters of a divorce, everyone can really have great difficulty over pushing through with such decision.

Before you decide on getting a divorce, understand that this endeavor is not cheap. It can go even higher than what you have initially calculated it for. Here, read on and find out all costs involved when getting a divorce.

Typical Cost Of A Divorce

The cost of a divorce is usually dependent on what kind of divorce is taking place.

A simple or uncontested divorce can cost from $1,000 to $10,000.

A contested divorce, on the other hand, can start from $8,000 to $100,000 or even higher.

Included In The Price Of A Divorce

For a simple divorce, the price includes legal fees and disbursements. An uncontested divorce is an undefended divorce where there is no corollary relief claimed such as property support, custody matters, and other related matters.

A contested divorce, on the other hand, includes professional fees for the lawyer and accountant, court proceedings, and the preparation of all divorce-related documents. Take a look at the six stages of a complete contested divorce proceeding and how much each stage will cost you. Lawyer fees are calculated at $275 per hour, which is the average rate of lawyers per hour. On the other hand, accountant fees are calculated at $250 per hour.




  • Preparation and filing of the petition for divorce or statement of claim/statement of defense
  • Lawyer (1-15 hours per pleading)
  • Accountant (1-3 hours per pleading)
$525 – $4,875
Financial Statements
  • Preparation of actual and budgeted costs of living
  • Documentation of weekly and monthly budgeted income (employment and investment income)
  • Listing of all assets and liabilities from the date of marriage until the date of marriage breakdown
  • Valuation of business
  • Accountant (1-25 hours)
  • Lawyer (1-5 hours)
$3,525 – $42,625
  • Preparation of documents/affidavits (lawyer: 3 to 20 hours)
  • Arguing motion in court (lawyer: 1-15 hours)
$1,100 – $11,625
  • Preparation for examination such as reviewing the other side’s financial statement and preparing a list of questions (lawyer: 1 to 25 hours)
  • Cross-examination (lawyer 1/2 to 8 hours)
  • Accountant (2 to 8 hours)
$912.50 – $11,075
Case Conference
  • Lawyer’s preparation
  • Settlement of the dispute
  • Court fees
$1,075 – $7,275
  • Preparation (lawyer: one to two days)
  • Assistance of the accountant in preparing financial details and discussing strategy (accountant: minimum of one day)
  • Court time (2 hours to 3 weeks)
$1,050 – $55,125
  • All fees (lawyer, accountant, court, documentation)
$8,187 – $132,600

Factors That Affect The Price Of A Divorce

Agreement. If you and your spouse agree on a lot of things about the divorce, the less you will be spending for the divorce. This is true because if you have agreed on issues like child custody, child support, and division of property, there will be less expenses to spend on attorneys, court fees, and a lot of other legal fees.

Type of divorce. There are certain ways you can get divorced such as collaborative, mediated, no-lawyer, and adversarial. Bringing your divorce into the courts can be the most expensive way to get a divorce. On the other hand, a no-lawyer divorce can give you a lot of savings in the end. The same is true for a mediation divorce. This involves resolving the disputes with a mediator or an impartial third party who will help the couple in working out the issues until they reach a good settlement.

Lawyer. The fee you pay for the lawyer when processing a divorce takes up a big percentage of the total cost of getting a divorce. Hence, the fees being collected by the attorney of your choice will greatly affect the cost of the divorce. Getting experienced and reputable attorney can mean higher fees as compared to amateur ones. Some situations may not need the help of a lawyer, which can mean fewer expenses for the divorce.

Affair. If you and your spouse have complex affairs such as a lot of properties to deal with, the cost of getting a divorce usually goes up. This is true because you have to hire not only a lawyer but a certified public accountant as well as financial planners, insurance brokers, business valuators, bankers, and the like. Hiring them to deal with your complex affairs can make the cost of your divorce go higher and higher. Also, if you have a huge conflict between the two of you, you may need to hire a therapist so you can deal with the divorce smoothly. On the other hand, if your marriage has simple affairs with no things to fight over, there usually is a higher chance for you to spend less on the divorce.

Custody of children. Couples who do not have children usually spend less on a divorce. This is true because fighting over the custody of children may mean more work for the lawyer, getting psychiatric evaluations, and calling in expert witnesses in the court. All of these things can greatly increase the cost of getting divorced.

Location. The cost of a divorce is varied from state to state. This is true in terms of the difference in the cost of court filing fees, attorney’s fees, and the like.

Additional Costs

Child support can be an extra cost of getting divorced. This can go on for several years until your children reach the right age. The cost of a child support depends on the settlement as well as the current age of your children. Spousal support can be an added expense as well.

The cost of producing documents that will be needed by your lawyer and other professionals can be an extra expense when getting a divorce. For people who are working, the amount of time they need to spend working on the divorce can mean a lot of money already.

If you need counseling, you will likely need to pay around $70 per hour for a counselor. The emotional burden of a divorce can really bring a person down; hence, counseling is usually recommended.

There are a lot of other additional expenses that will follow even after the divorce has been settled. This includes finding a new home, moving, utility and telephone deposits, child care, and even replacement of items that were given to the spouse after the properties were divided.

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Tips Before You Decide To Get Divorced

Understand that a divorce does not come cheap. Hence, before deciding to get a divorce, make sure that the money you will be spending for it will be worth it over time. Also, as early as possible, evaluate whether you can afford a divorce or not.

If you have children, take note that they will carry the burden of the divorce as well. As much as possible, explain to them what’s happening. They may need counseling as well so they can go through this phase in their lives smoothly.

Know the specific divorce laws in your state. will give you a lot of information on specific divorce laws per state.

If possible, open your communication lines with your spouse. Talk about the divorce and make the necessary agreements and settlements at peace. Doing so will help both of you save a lot of money in getting a divorce.

If you need a lawyer, make sure you get a reputable and experienced divorce lawyer. Your choice of lawyer will usually determine the kind of settlements you’ll have in the end and the amount of time the process will take. Aside from picking a lawyer who specializes in divorce, make sure you find someone who has a lot of experience in the same divorce situation as yours.

Work with your lawyer fully. If you make sure you attend to your lawyer’s needs and you try to help the lawyer as much as possible, his job will be easier and the shorter time he will need to finish his job. Cutting your lawyer’s time will help you save a lot of money in the end.

How Much Does The Average Wedding Cost

Getting married is pretty expensive these days. Even the average American wedding costs a lot of money! Read on and find out how much does an average wedding cost these days.

Typical Cost Of An Average Wedding

The cost of an average wedding these days ranges from $25,000 to $30,000.

Included In The Price Of Our Average Wedding Estimate

The price includes almost everything there is to get for the wedding such as the ceremony fees, location fees, wedding cake, flowers, foods and drinks, DJ or live band, wedding photography and videography, wedding attires, wedding favors, and transportation.

How Much Do Weddings Cost Per Wedding Essential?

Here is a detailed list of how much you have to spend on each wedding essential from depending on your budget:

Food 40%
Reception 7%
Attire 10%
Flowers 8%
Photography/Videography 12%
Music 8%
Invitations 4%
Favors 3%
Rings 5%
Ceremony 3%

Following this budget distribution can very well guide you into your wedding expenses. Whether your budget is $20,000 or $30,000, you can be certain that everything will be covered. However, take note that the lower your budget is, the lower your budget for each of the item is. This means that you must watch your choices in terms of quality and design to make sure you won’t go over your set wedding budget. This tells you that you cannot choose the same wedding dress for a $20,000 and $30,000 wedding. Somehow, your dress for a $20,00 wedding must be cheaper. However, you can make other adjustments on the percentage distribution to personalize this wedding budget guide.

Consider These Factors

Number of guests. The size of the wedding greatly affects the overall cost of the event. The more your guests are, the higher the expenses can become. Let’s take the foods for example. A plate is usually priced $40. If you have 100 guests for the wedding, the budget for the food alone is $4,000. This is without mentioning yet that the more guests you have, the more you have to spend on the favors, decorations, and the like.

Geography. Your geographical location can very well tell how much does it cost to get married. Big cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York can have a different price definition for the cost of an average wedding. With the high cost of living in big cities, the cost of nearly everything there is higher as compared to smaller towns and cities.

Quality of your choices. The choice of wedding decors and accessories can greatly affect the price of an average wedding. If we take a look at the wedding centerpieces alone, the cost can be very different. If you choose fresh flowers over silk, the price difference can be seen right away. The same is true for the wedding dress. Some brides spend thousands of dollars on the dress alone but there are wedding dresses that can be purchased cheaply as well.

Additional Costs

Additional costs fall on invitations for the wedding. This can also be true for ceremony programs, guest book, reply cards, reception menus, save the date cards, table cards, and thank you cards.

A wedding planner or consultant can also add up to your wedding expenses. The price of a full service can be a couple thousand of dollars.

Pampering services for the bride and groom can be an added cost as well. This includes gym memberships, facial service, hair service, makeup service, manicure and pedicure, massage, and the like. The price can go higher if you include not only the couple but as well as their parents, bridesmaids, and other important guests for the occasion.

Gratuities may mean 15 to 20 percent of the total cost of a specific service. Even the wedding venue can charge for it. Other people to think about service charges are the wedding planner, the caterers, the photographer, and the like.

Wedding Rings
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Tips Before You Decide On Things Related To Your Wedding

My Wedding Reception Planning lists down the average cost of everything that a wedding entails to help you calculate the cost of your wedding. The details here include the number of guests, attire and accessories, entertainment, decorations, gifts, favors, and so much more.

Use the wedding cost calculator from and to help you plan your wedding and stay on your budget. This wedding cost estimator, on the other hand, will give you a near estimate of the total cost of your wedding depending on your location and the personal choices you make for your wedding.

Make a wedding checklist to help you plan every detail of your wedding. This is very important for you to personally see especially if you do not have the services of a wedding planner.

Compare prices of most of your orders for your wedding and go for the one with a good price without compromising the quality. This is true for almost everything including the food and drinks, cake, dresses, reception venue, wedding planner, and the like. The Bridal Guide has a list of cost-cutting tips to help you save more on your wedding expenses.

Average Wedding Dress Cost

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You surely are wondering how much the cost of a wedding dress is. Well, you are on the right page. We’ll give you an idea on the average cost of a wedding dress including factors that can affect its price and some shopping tips as well. Dig in!

Typical Cost Of A Wedding Dress

The average cost of a wedding dress is $1,500.

This is according to the U.S. wedding statistics and market estimates as provided by the Bridal Association of America.

Included In The Price Of A Wedding Dress

The price includes the dress, its design and in some cases, alterations.

Consider These Factors

  • Type of dress. The price of a wedding dress can go lower or higher depending on the type of dress you choose. For instance, you can get low-end wedding dresses for less than $200. This refers to an off-the-rack synthetic fabric cream or white evening dress. You can also find mid-range wedding dresses for $500 to $1,000 for a custom-made or off-the-rack wedding dress with simple details of beading and lace from a bridal boutique or a chain bridal retailer. Designer dresses, on the other hand, can cost you $2,000 to $6,000. Designer wedding dresses are usually made from silk or natural fabric.
  • Off-the-rack or custom? Take note that a wedding dress that is custom made just for you is far more expensive than off-the-rack items. Say for example you choose a designer dress. Here, you have to pay $2,000 to $4,000 for a dress that is already in the catalog and the designer will make one based on your measurements and be sent to you. On the other hand, a custom-designed designer wedding dress can cost $6,000 or even more. The designer will make sure that the gown will fit you precisely and most of the details you wish on the dress will be done by hand for you.
  • Designer. Your wedding dress will cost extravagantly if done by a very well-known designer.
  • Details. The simpler your wedding dress is, the cheaper it will go. If your choice involves intricate details like beading and embroidery, you can expect the price to go higher.
  • Fabric. Your choice of fabric will usually affect the price of your wedding dress. Synthetic fibers are the cheapest and silk can be the most expensive.
  • Time frame. In most cases, wedding dresses must be ordered two or more months ahead of time. If you order a dress and get it less than two months from the order date, the designer can charge you for a rush fee of 10 to 25 percent more of the price of the dress.

Additional Costs

  • Alterations. Unless you get a dress that is custom-made for you, you may have alterations to pay for so that the dress will fit your perfectly and comfortably. A simple alteration can cost you around $20 only while other labor-extensive alterations can cost you a hundred dollars or more.
  • Shipping. If you have ordered the dress somewhere far, expect to cover the shipping charges for the dress.
  • Special undergarments. If your dress will require an undergarment, you may need to consider adding them to the cost of the dress unless you already have them with you. Most of the time, you need to get a strapless bra or a body-slimming garment.
  • Preservation. After the wedding, you may want your dress to undergo a wedding gown preservation to keep it in its perfect shape and condition. Wedding dress preservation costs around $150 to $500.

Tips Before You Buy A Wedding Dress

  • Before you shop for a wedding dress, know the perfect kind of dress for you. has an article to help you choose the perfect wedding dress for your body type and shape. Consider this article as well from to guide you in choosing your wedding dress.
  • Plan on your budget for your wedding dress and try to stick with it. A lot of brides often go shopping and choose a dress that is way over their budget. To avoid things like this, better be strict with your budget and only look for dresses that fall inside your budget range.
  • Shop several months in advance to help you get the most perfect wedding dress. Shopping close to the wedding date will only give you a bad choice and most of the time, an expensive one.
  • The Wedding Style Magazine has a good catalog of all great bridal dresses from various designers today. Designers featured here include Monique Lhullier, Vera Wang, Ian Stuart, Amy Kuschel, Alexander McQueen, and many more.

Average Wedding Photographer Cost

You only get to be married once and so you must make sure you preserve all memories until the very end. A good professional wedding photographer can be your ticket towards a long-lasting memory for this very much special occasion in your life. However, you must take note that a wedding photographer may add up to your overall wedding expenses. But still, every penny you pay for this service is worth all the memories that will last a lifetime. Read on and find out the average cost of a wedding photographer.

Typical Cost Of A Wedding Photographer

The average cost of a wedding photographer is $300 per hour.

Included In The Price Of A Wedding Photographer

The price includes the time and services of a photographer per hour. In some cases, the price includes a limited number of prints.

Consider These Factors

  • Budget. You have to take note of your budget when getting a wedding photographer. You can find perfect photographers in four different categories such as budget, mid-range, upper mid-range, and high end photography. For instance, a budget photographer may offer one to four hours of coverage, photo album, and printable images in under $500. High end photographers, on the other hand, can cost $3,000 or more that include unlimited coverage, three photographers to shoot at different locations, albums, and photo books.
  • Time. How long do you need the services of the wedding photographer? The longer you need him, the higher the actual cost can become. A budget photographer offering $150 per hour can still cost you more than a thousand dollars if you need his services for more than eight hours.
  • Number of photos. How many printed photos do you want to be a part of the wedding album and the loose prints? Generally, the more photos you want, the cheaper the price of each photograph becomes.
  • Kind of album. If you are getting a package from the photographer, you are expected to receive an album. The kind and quality of the album you want for the wedding pictures can affect the end price of the wedding photographer’s services.
  • Photographer. The experience, skills, and credentials of the wedding photographer can affect the prices of your wedding photography. Amateur photographers price their services cheaply while experienced and skilled photographers can price their services higher depending on the credibility and reputation they have already earned.

Additional Costs

  • Video. If you want videos of your wedding, you may need to invest more. Some photography services can also get you a videographer. The price can range from $400 to $1,000.
  • Additional services. Wedding photographers offer additional services that are usually not included in their packages. This includes framed prints, folder prints, DVD slideshows, thank you cards, and the like.

Tips Before You Decide To Get A Wedding Photographer

To help you get an idea on how much your wedding photography expenses will cost, use this online wedding calculator from

Make sure to get a very reliable and experienced wedding photographer because the quality and success of your wedding photographs will depend on your choice of photographer. You can ask for references from your family and friends who have hired photographers before. Take note, however, that a professional wedding photographer is not only skilled in taking shots but also has a good character. He must be friendly and trustworthy, not to mention yet reliable especially when it comes to punctuality and deadlines. Read this article on choosing the best wedding photographer as posted in

The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers can also help you find a good photographer near you. Or, you can use for a directory of wedding photographers in the U.S.

If you are on a budget, there are several ways on how to save money on wedding photography. lists nine ways to help you save money.

Before you close a deal with any wedding photographer, make sure to get a written documentation of the contract including the services you can get out of what you will be paying him for.

How Much Does A Wedding Cake Cost

A wedding cake is more than just tradition in every wedding reception. It also is a centerpiece that can make or break the celebration. This is why many of brides and grooms out there are looking for the best cake for the occasion. Read on and find out how much a wedding cake costs these days.

Typical Cost Of A Wedding Cake

2-tier cake: $160 to $450

3-tier cake: $500 to $1,000

4-tier cake:  $1,000 to $ $1,500

5-tier cake:  $1,500 to $2,000 or more

Included In The Price Of A Wedding Cake

The price includes the wedding cake, its icing, and decorations.

Consider These Factors

  • Icing or frosting. There are various options for frostings and icings for the wedding cake. This includes milk chocolate, dark chocolate, marzipan, white chocolate, royal icing, fondant, chocolate ganache, and butter cream. Take note that among these options, fondant and marzipan are the most expensive because it takes more time to perfectly smooth such frostings. Hence, choosing these frostings or icings may mean that your wedding cake will be on the more expensive end. Fondant, chocolate ganache, and marzipan icings often adds up $1 per slice to the cost of your wedding cake.
  • Decorations. Because butter cream and other ordinary icings can be designed easily, they are cheaper. Fondant and marzipan can be decorated in detail and so they are more expensive. For those who are trying to go for cheaper wedding cakes, fresh or silk flowers and ribbons can be good options as decorations.
  • Layers. It is to be noted that the more tiers or layers your cake has, the more expensive it is.
  • Size. The bigger your cake is, the bigger the cost of the cake is.
  • Shape. Round-shaped and square-shaped cakes are the cheapest of all shape options. If you need a very detailed novelty cake, the price can go higher.
  • Servings. How many guests do you have for the occasion? The more slices you need, the more expensive your cake will be. This is true because most bakeries price their cakes per slice. Low-end cakes can be priced around $1.50 per slice, mid-range cakes can be priced around $5 per slice, and high-end cakes can run from $10 per slice.
  • Topper. There are various selections of cake toppers these days as well including flowers, photo frame, heat shape, and more. If you go for a unique and customized topper, the price can be higher.

Additional Costs

  • Assembling fee. Especially for multi-tiered cakes, the baker needs to deliver the cake himself to the location and assemble the cake on site. This is practiced often to prevent cake mishap during delivery. Assembling fee can cost $50 to $100.
  • Delivery. Delivery charges apply but the cost depends on distance of your wedding reception from the store.
  • Cutting fees. There are some caterers that charge for the cake cutting. This can mean an additional $1 or more per slice.

Tips Before You Decide to Buy A Wedding Cake

When shopping for your wedding cake, always make sure that the baker can be trusted. Find several bakers of your choice through references and research. When you visit each bakery, check their portfolios to see for yourself how well they do in the business.

Schedule cake tastings from several bakers. Keep in mind that it is not only the price that it important here but the taste as well.

To find a bakery near you for your wedding cake, use for your search. You can also check for pictures, pricing, and other information on hundreds of wedding cake options for you. You can also get ideas on cake designs and decorations at

You can also check these tips on how to save on the cost of your wedding cake at