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How Much Does It Cost To Have A Baby

Having a baby can be the most wonderful experience you will ever go through. However, these miracles don’t come cheap! Some people have only a few months to prepare themselves for this life-changing experience, while others have been planning it for years. Irrespective of your mental preparation, you have probably asked yourself time and time again: ” How much does it cost to have a baby ?” Well, the costs will be hefty. The following article will focus on the costs that come with the delivery of a baby. In addition, the prenatal costs and other motherhood expenses are discussed, as well as the cost of raising a child.

Typical Cost Of Having A Baby…

The costs of having a baby are normally covered by your health insurance. With insurance, you can expect to pay 500-3k, depending on your coverage. Also, some insurance companies have you pay part of your expenses. Besides the insured expenses, there are still out of pocket expenses, such as co-pay.

without insurance: vaginal delivery costs around $8,000 to $12,000.

without insurance: C-section (Cesarean) delivery costs around $13,000 to $20,000.

Included In The Price Of Having A Baby

  • gynecologist
  • pediatrician
  • anesthesiologist
  • hospital room and board. Vaginal delivery is usually 1-2 days, C-section is about 3-4 days.
  • nursery fee
  • laboratory fees
  • medications and supplies
  • examination of and medical attention to the baby

Consider These Factors

Apart from the type of delivery, the geographical location will be of influence on your baby delivery cost. It is cheaper in the south of the US, and more expensive on the west coast and northeast.

Additional Costs Up To Delivery

Complications. Vaginal delivery with complications are estimated to be about as much as C-section costs.

The length of stay in hospital determines your additional costs too. Each day will be quite expensive.

If you want a private room, you have to pay extra.

Premature babies need extra care. The baby could need to stay in a neonatal IC unit for weeks, increasing the with $10k-$30k.

If you need induction of labor, this will be added to the cost. More information on labor induction can be found at FamilyDoctor.org

Other prenatal costs, that may or may not be covered by your insurance plan, include:

over-the-counter prenatal vitamins, such as folic acid, cost around $15 per month.

prenatal care can cost up to $2,000, depending on your insurance policy.

childbirth education and classes cost around $50-$200 per class.

Additional Baby Costs After Delivery

Maternity clothes prices can be cheap or expensive, as they come unbranded or by designer. But when you share them with other mothers, they can be practically for free.

Baby car seats cost around $100.

A crib costs around $100.

Baby monitors cost $15 each.

Diapers. Buying in bulk can save a lot, as a 250 pack of diapers costs about $40.

Wipes. A box of wipes costs around $10 to $15 for 400 pieces, which lasts only a few weeks. An alternative is to use washcloths.

If the parents had a job that they cannot continue for a while, there are opportunity costs. Calculate your lost income as a cost too. Fortunately, you could adjust a bit, since you won’t have time or energy to go out as much anymore 🙂 !

Lastly, raising a child will be expensive too. Estimates are hard to give, as it depends a lot on your geography and income level. However, the U.S. Department of Agriculture provided this table.

The 10-Year Plan – Annual Child Expenses

Here’s what you can expect your annual child expenses to be through your child’s 10th birthday, depending on your income.
Child’s Age and Household Income
Less than $41,700 $41,700 to $70,200 $70,201 or more
< 1 $7,040 $9,840 $14,620
1 7,250 10,140 15,070
3 7,890 11,070 16,370
5 8,380 11,760 17,380
10 9,750 13,380 19,540


For more info on raising costs, babycenter.com as a tool that lets you calculate the cost of raising a child.

Tips Before You Have A Baby

Even with insurance, expecting parents spend on average $775 on out-of-pocket delivery costs.

If you dont have insurance yet, you can still get insurance while you are already pregnant. Normally, your baby delivery is still covered that way, as insurance companies with group health plans are not allowed to treat pregnant women differently. Read more about that at the United States Department Of Labor.

Let your insurance company know on time that you are going to have a baby. Some of them will require a pre-authorization for covering the delivery. Be sure to communicate openly with your insurance company, and ask what they need from you, and when.

According to Anne Elixhauser PhD, who is a senior research scientist at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the hospital charges quite a bit more than it actually costs them. Typically, the actual cost to the hospital is about 30% of what they charge. If you don’t have insurance, this can be a useful piece of information when you negotiate the price.

You can get a discount if you pay your bill at once, instead of seperate payments. Ask your hospital about this possibility.

Babycenter.com can help to find a suitable hospital or a more homey alternative, a birth center.

Ask friends and acquaintances with children if they have pregnancy items that they don’t use anymore.