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Granite Transformations Cost

Granite has become a major trend in most kitchens and bathrooms these days, especially when speaking of countertops. Being sturdy and attractive at the same time, there is no wonder why granite transformations have become popular in most homes. But, granite can be a costly material for countertops. But still, people go for this natural stone as they see the price worth it in the end. Read on and find out how much granite transformations cost these days.

Typical Cost Of Granite Transformations

The typical cost of granite transformations ranges from $60 to $100 per square foot.

This price includes initial countertop inspections such as measurements, granite fabrications, and installation.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Granite Transformations

Quality of granite. The type of granite you choose for the countertops can greatly affect the cost of granite transformations. This can refer to the purity, thickness, and color of the stone. The better the quality of the granite is, the more expensive the cost of granite per square foot becomes. When speaking of the color, black is the cheapest, lighter grays and sandier colors are in the middle range, and white and dark gray are the most expensive.

Resistance to stain and scratches. Especially for kitchen countertops, the granite can be subject to cuts, stains, and scratches. Some granite stones appear to be stronger and more resistant to these elements but they are usually more expensive.

Contractor. The cost of granite transformations can also differ from one company to another. As usual, contractors in large cities may charge higher as compared to those in rural areas. Moreover, the expertise of the company in granite transformations can also affect the cost of this project. Also, contractors charge higher if you plan to install granite on existing countertops. The price usually ranges from $90 to $130 per square foot.

Manner of installation. The above-mentioned price quotes refer to granite transformations done by a professional contractor. However, it is also possible to install granite in a DIY manner. Instead of using pre-fabricated slabs that are more expensive, a DIY granite transformation uses a granite tile or modular granite. Modular granite can start from $25 per square foot while DIY tiles start from $4. With the materials cheaper and the cost of installation free, this method is basically cheaper.

Additional Costs

For those doing the granite transformations themselves, tools and materials for the installation can be an added cost. This includes tile cutters that can start from $10 to as much as $200. Other things to purchase include thinset mortar, drill bits, and the like.

Adding to the cost of granite transformations is maintenance. Since granite must be given special care, you need special stone cleaners for everyday cleaning needs. Moreover, some granite countertops need constant sealing jobs to avoid surface damage. A sealant may cost around $15 per ounce, which can cover a total of a 50 square foot countertop.

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Tips Before You Consider Granite Transformations

Make a good measurement of your countertop to check out how much granite you need and how much you’ll spend for the project. This is a very important job for do-it-yourselfers because contractors usually visit the place to inspect the countertops and make the necessary measurements once an order is received. You can use this guide on measuring granite countertops as provided by DoItYourself.com.

Before you sign up for a contractor, make sure every inclusion in their package is made clear to you. It is best to go for contractors that do not charge more for transporting of materials to your home. Transporting materials must always be included in the cost of installation. Moreover, it is best for you to get price estimates from different contractors so you can pick the best deal among your options. Bradford Granite prices run from $45 to $75 per square foot based on this cost estimate worksheet. You can also check this granite estimate tutorial to help you get an idea on the cost of your project.

Ask for freebies when you need to do a large project. Some contractors offer free items like a free sink when you need to cover large areas for the granite transformations.