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How Much Do Braces Cost Without Insurance

In order for your child to have good dental hygene and will not run into problems later in his or her life, it can be required to have braces. However, not everyone has insurance that covers the cost of braces. If you wonder how much braces cost without insurance, this article will try to give you some estimates.

Typical cost of braces

Braces without insurance cost around $3000-$7000


Included In The Price Of Braces

  • A consultation with an orthodontist
  • A number of treatments and checkups for as long as the braces are needed.
  • The braces themselves.

Consider These Factors

  • Geography. In rural areas, where your typical rent is low, the price of braces will also be on the lower end of our estimate range. However, when you live in an expensive city, where rent prices are high and there are many malpractice lawyers, you can expect the cost of braces without insurance to be at the higher end of our estimate.
  • Case. If the child is a difficult case in terms of his/her dental needs, the price will be at the higher end of the spectrum.

Additional Costs Of Braces

Your child may want to get special kinds of braces, in order feel confident about their ‘grill’. Available options will cost up to  $500 extra and include:

  • colored braces
  • glow in the dark braces
  • shaped braces
  • ceramic braces
  • gold-plated braces

Natasha Braces
Photo by Rubink1

Tips Before You Getting Braces

It is usually not possible to negotiate on the price of braces. However, you might get a discount when you can pay (a large part of) the fee upfront. If anything, it will keep the interest low on future installments.

If you are in the Medic Aid program, there might be a program that covers the cost of braces for your child, as dental services should be accounted for by the EPSDT program.

Dental college clinics will be cheaper, as dental students need to practise. There will be supervision by the professors or staff, so the quality might be just as good.

Consider traveling outside of the city to visit a dental clinic at a much lower cost.