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How Much Does A Wedding Cake Cost

A wedding cake is more than just tradition in every wedding reception. It also is a centerpiece that can make or break the celebration. This is why many of brides and grooms out there are looking for the best cake for the occasion. Read on and find out how much a wedding cake costs these days.

Typical Cost Of A Wedding Cake

2-tier cake: $160 to $450

3-tier cake: $500 to $1,000

4-tier cake:  $1,000 to $ $1,500

5-tier cake:  $1,500 to $2,000 or more

Included In The Price Of A Wedding Cake

The price includes the wedding cake, its icing, and decorations.

Consider These Factors

  • Icing or frosting. There are various options for frostings and icings for the wedding cake. This includes milk chocolate, dark chocolate, marzipan, white chocolate, royal icing, fondant, chocolate ganache, and butter cream. Take note that among these options, fondant and marzipan are the most expensive because it takes more time to perfectly smooth such frostings. Hence, choosing these frostings or icings may mean that your wedding cake will be on the more expensive end. Fondant, chocolate ganache, and marzipan icings often adds up $1 per slice to the cost of your wedding cake.
  • Decorations. Because butter cream and other ordinary icings can be designed easily, they are cheaper. Fondant and marzipan can be decorated in detail and so they are more expensive. For those who are trying to go for cheaper wedding cakes, fresh or silk flowers and ribbons can be good options as decorations.
  • Layers. It is to be noted that the more tiers or layers your cake has, the more expensive it is.
  • Size. The bigger your cake is, the bigger the cost of the cake is.
  • Shape. Round-shaped and square-shaped cakes are the cheapest of all shape options. If you need a very detailed novelty cake, the price can go higher.
  • Servings. How many guests do you have for the occasion? The more slices you need, the more expensive your cake will be. This is true because most bakeries price their cakes per slice. Low-end cakes can be priced around $1.50 per slice, mid-range cakes can be priced around $5 per slice, and high-end cakes can run from $10 per slice.
  • Topper. There are various selections of cake toppers these days as well including flowers, photo frame, heat shape, and more. If you go for a unique and customized topper, the price can be higher.

Additional Costs

  • Assembling fee. Especially for multi-tiered cakes, the baker needs to deliver the cake himself to the location and assemble the cake on site. This is practiced often to prevent cake mishap during delivery. Assembling fee can cost $50 to $100.
  • Delivery. Delivery charges apply but the cost depends on distance of your wedding reception from the store.
  • Cutting fees. There are some caterers that charge for the cake cutting. This can mean an additional $1 or more per slice.

Tips Before You Decide to Buy A Wedding Cake

When shopping for your wedding cake, always make sure that the baker can be trusted. Find several bakers of your choice through references and research. When you visit each bakery, check their portfolios to see for yourself how well they do in the business.

Schedule cake tastings from several bakers. Keep in mind that it is not only the price that it important here but the taste as well.

To find a bakery near you for your wedding cake, use WeddingCakesAcrossAmerica.com for your search. You can also check CakeAmerica.com for pictures, pricing, and other information on hundreds of wedding cake options for you. You can also get ideas on cake designs and decorations at Brides.com.

You can also check these tips on how to save on the cost of your wedding cake at YourWedding101.com.